#AtomicChat Hosted by Ann Smarty This Week

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join-mybloguThis Monday I was busy hosting #AtomicChat: I thought I’d share my answers with my beloved community! Enjoy!

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Ann Smarty, brand & community manager at @NinjasMarketing, founder of MyBlogU, co-founder of @VCBuzz

I also host two Twitter chats weekly: #VCBuzz Tuesdays 12 pm est, #myblogu Thursdays 11 am est

I am an active blogger and guest blogger all over the place too (sites like @DevSEOchat, @smallbiztrends, @entrepreneur, etc). I blog A LOT for about 8 years now… Read more »

Win $1000 by Accomplishing Your Blogging New Year’s Resolutions! #myblogguest

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We are doing that again: This time we are going to help you accomplish your blogging goals because it’s New Year! The dreams should come true!

>>> Read the full article here explaining how to enter and win!

In short, here’s what you need to do in order to win $1000

  1. Let us know your blogging resolution for 2015
  2. Use MyBlogU.com *every day* for 30 days to take little steps towards that goal (or help others to)
  3. Tweet DAILY using #mbustorm hashtag to let the community know which steps you took
  4. After 30 days, share your results (how close did you get to your goal?)

Here’s a quick graphic to easier remember the steps:


And here’s the challenge promo video to make it even more fun:

Happy New Year and let’s have things get done finally!

Win $800 by Brainstorming Daily

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We are announcing #MBUstorm brainstorm challenge today!

*** Details are here: Join #MBUstorm 30-Day Brainstorm Challenge: Win Cash and More AWESOME Prizes

The rules are simple:

  • Use* MyBlogU Brainstorm section every day for 30 days (send ideas to others, create your own projects, promote other users’ projects, etc)
  • Whatever you do, tweet it using the hashtag #mbustorm DAILY
  • Once your 30 days are over, submit your results or experience to win the GRAND prize and lots of other prizes from our partners:


Here’s a quick deck explaining the rules, deadlines and benefits (the decks are clickable, so you can see what to submit where):

Packaging Matters! Format Your Expert Interview Properly #MyBlogGuest

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Great content should come in a great package otherwise it’s a wasted effort. Today we’ve been discussing how MyBlogU.com helps you with packaging your EPIC content our members are helping you with:

***Please read the full chat script here

There are three ways MyBlogU helps you:

  • Make your article user-friendly by adding on-page “Jump to” links (they work great for both usability and SEO especially if the article is long! Draw readers in!)
  • Feature your thought leaders properly: Generate “About participating experts” chart linking to their social profiles and informing the readers of who the contributors are (This will both incentivize the participating interviewees to share the article more and make the piece more trustworthy as well!)
  • Add contributors’ photos to make the article more “human” at a glance: Readers will see people behind content (many of whom they may recognize) and thus will be more willing to share the article on social media!

How Group Interviews Boost Your Content Marketing Efforts #myblogguest

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group-interview-trafficThis week we were talking about group interviews and how they help you bring your blog to the whole new level.

**Please see the whole chat script here

A blog interview is question-answer section where niche experts are invited to answer specific questions within the set deadline.

MyBlogU Interviews feature helps you:

  • Create free highly-sharable content
  • Find quotes from niche thought leaders
  • Find more participants for your Twitter chats
  • Collect case studies to create a more compelling story

Adding interviews into your blog editorial calendar is a great way to expand your readership and freshen up your content to provide something a little different (source).

Learn more here

How to Brainstorm Awesome Content Ideas! #MyBlogGuest

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join-mybloguOn our weekly Twitter chat today we were talking about collective brainstorming through MyBlogU.com

**Please see feature details and project examples here

You can ask the community to help you with:

  • Unique content angles
  • Guests for your interviews and podcasts
  • Free tools and infographics for you to spice up your content
  • Case studies and first-hand experience

There are tons of opportunities! As our moderator says

The best storm is the BRAIN storm!

We are very excited about the feature! I hope you are excited as well!


How to: Create Useful Group Interview that Go Hot On Twitter #MyBlogGuest

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Today at our weekly chat we discussed how to create expert interviews and how to keep driving interview participants back to your site for more shares and reweets!

expert-interview-shared-01***Please check out the chat summary here

  • Enable “Twitter chat” option when creating your interview at MyBlogU.com (Our team will invite all the interviewees to the chat and help you promote it as well!). Twitter chats attract followers of your participants, so it will give additional exposure to your article as well as your interviewees as well: win-win!
  • Mark your interview as published at MyBlogU.com. This will:
    • Auto-add your published interview to ViralContentBuzz.com for more shares
    • Notify all the chat participants of the published interview (and thus encourage it to share it around!)
  • Set up in-line “Tweet this quote” buttons to drive your participating experts back to your site with every reader’s tweet!

Collect expert opinions, publish viral group interviews and get retweeted with @MyBlogU!

Here’s a quick presentation to explain it better:


Become THE source!

Announcing @MyBlogU: Brainstorm & Create EPIC Content #MyBlogU

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join-mybloguI have a few important announcements for our community today!


We are happy to open our newest project MyBlogU.com for public beta release! It’s still a work in progress but we are enjoying some awesome results already!

Please watch the video for a quick overview of the feature set.

The key features include: (1) Brainstorms, (2) Interviews and (3) Media

Read more »

How to Generate Free Traffic from Social Media: Push Thursday on #MyBlogGuest

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While May was all about social media advertising on a budget, this month we have talked about getting social media traffic using alternative and free social media channels. We’ve discussed

So this month’s push will be all about getting free traffic from social media: Read more »