December 2013 Guest Posts Roundup

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let_s-connectThere can never be too many connections, right? And we are very happy that we can help you build at least some of them!

Please welcome guest posts published back in December 2013. Sharing them is a great and easy way to get some new connections 😉

1. Italy (over at One of the key ingredients of happiness is exploring something new, whether it will be going to a new place where you have never been, learning a foreign language, meeting new people, eating something delicious or.. shopping? :) Gabriele knows where to get these all at once, and the answer is – Italy, for sure! Great start for a new year (and don’t forget to take “Eat, Pray, Love” with you, anyway you will need a good reading on the way).

2. Who Said Teeth Are Boring? (via Always vital subject. But this article by Dr. Jeffrey Pass of proves that revolutions may really happen “under your nose”. Read more »

3 Ways to Turn Your Old Articles into Evergreen Content #MyBlogGuest

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We’ve talked about re-packaging previously at #myblogguest. This time let’s focus on creating a digital asset, i.e. an “ever-green’ piece of content.

Evergreen content is one that never gets old. It’s not easy to create, especially in such ever-changing niches as search, social, technology, etc.

But it’s still possible!

If you think about it, basic concepts of search engine optimization haven’t changed in years. If you had written an article on crafting catchy, concise and engaging titles years ago, it would still stand true today…

That’s the type of the content we are looking into…

Here are 3 ways to turn your old articles into ever-green content: Read more »

December 2013 PUSH Thursday #MyBlogGuest

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Last week we sort of said good-buy to 2013! And today is our final chat for this year!

Please don’t forget to check out winners of our latest contest! Cheers to all the participants :)

Hope you enjoyed celebrating Christmas with your families and friends! It’s a great time of the year. And we are happy to have all of you at our community!

Please share and support the below posts published via MyBlogGuest forum in December 2013:

  • How Learning A Language Can Improve Your Career – A foreign language can really be useful! No doubts! But I’ve never believed it’s possible to master a language within a short time, like several months… That’s just me though :)



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December #MyBlogGuest Google Hangout: this Friday (December 20) 1pm EST

Category #MyBlogGuest Twitter Chat Posted by teamAre you ready for our December 2013 MyBlogGuest Google+ Hangout On Air? It is coming up, Friday, December 20, 2013.

MBG Hangout: 1pm EST Google+ Event Page

Google helps us out by providing the time in our own time zone. If you click on the event, above, you will see what time it is in YOUR time zone, based on your Internet Service Provider.

You may also manually check your time zone here. Read more »

November 2013 Google Plus Hangout At MyBlogGuest: Takeaways!

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myblogguest-teamMyBlogGuest hung out on Friday, November 29th, for our November hangout.

The following questions were answered and discussed.

  1. What are we thankful for this year? (00:01)
  2. Ann, What can you tell us about MBG contests? (00:50)
  3. What’s going on in Phil’s world? (02:35)
  4. Can you tell us some more about article offers and rejections? (03:46)
  5. How do I find out if I have outstanding articles? (07:25)
  6. Can there be too many links? Not enough? (07:48)
  7. What can I get for my kids? (09:53)

We created a takeaways version of the hangout in this short video:

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Use Screenshots to Make Your Guest Posts Better (and Harder to Reject) #MyBlogGuest

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Today we are talking about making your guest posts GREAT by using screenshots!

Why images?

We have listed most convincing reasons why images are a MUST for guest posts in our previous chat (We even started our own collection of images for bloggers – that’s how much we believe in what we preach!). Let’s re-cap the “whys”:

  • Images make web articles much more easier to market: Images make people stay, interact and share
  • Images increase your chances for approved guest post: A blogger is likelier to like your guest article if it appeals to an eye.
  • Images make social media shares much more engaging. As an example, it has been proved that tweets with visuals increase engagement (retweets) from 90% to 150% (based on different research). Images are grabbed by Facebook and Google Plus to show in the social media update. Images make your article “pinnable”. The visual web is definitely the future (Look at multiple visual startups).

Why screenshots?

While screenshots are not always possible, in many cases screenshots are definitely the way to go:

  • They don’t require license* (as you are making them yourself)
  • They make a post much more useful (giving the preview of tools, apps, dashboards, etc)

*We had cases when people just screenshotted an image from a page claiming it’s now theirs (I know that sounds funny). But because we had precedents, I have to note: A screenshot is an image displaying part of your screen that aims at explaining some functionality. Read more »

Niche Site #MyBlogGuest Success Story

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myblogguest-success-storyWe still have our visual contest going and one of our participants wanted to us to publish her case story here – which we are glad to do!

Please meet Anna aka celebsfan at MyBlogGuest. She runs a couple of neat niche websites and she uses MyBlogGuest to feel the gabs in her editorial calendar.

One of her sites hosts our Infographics and Guest articles on a regular basis and looks like Anna had huge success with it!

In her infographic: Read more »