This week is the final one in our series showcasing MyBlogGuest best tools and practices for blog owners (“publishers”)

Let’s sum up some of the best advice we’ve given to publishers this month (and beyond):

1. Download and install MBG plugin: Not only it gives you access to the whole database of available articles; it also makes the whole process much easier (for example, it automatically notifies the author of the scheduled / published status the moment you hit “Publish” button)

2. Find regular contributors: MyBlogGuest is good for finding free articles but most importantly, it’s great for building relationships. Build the dedicated team of regular free contributors for your blog using MyBlogGuest

3. Find Google-verified authors: Using “verified” filter in the Articles Gallery opens up the live database of Google-claimed authors for you. That means (1) you adhere to Google’s guidelines and best practices and (2) You get access to real people blogging for you.

Verified author in the gallery

4. Use MyBlogGuest tools to create a quality checklist for your contributors:

Direct checklist

5. Use MyBlogGuest to organize your contributors (to properly keep in touch with them)

  • Use MBG follow-up reminders not to follow up with your assigned author (for revisions, quote, etc)
  • Use Watchlist feature to organize all contacts you are building
  • Add your favorite authors to friends to be alerted of new articles by them or email all of them in bulk:

Invite to friends

6. If you are too picky / careful, stick to our Elite section and Articles Requests: All articles within these two sections are pre-edited by our dedicated editor (here’s a word from him: How to Find Free Articles on the Internet)

7. If you want to diversify your content flow, check our Infographics Gallery, which is your easy and free source of Pinterest-friendly content!

8. Subscribe to your favorite category to get alerted of new articles: Both infographics and Articles gallery let you subscribe for free. Don’t pick too many categories though: Get focused!

Subscribe to new guest posts

9. You are building the community; not just use the free content: Go above and beyond to promote your guest contributors and their content. That’s how you’ll encourage them to come back! Try ViralContentBuzz for that as well.

10. Get creative: Make those relationships matter! Utilize contacts you build on MyBlogGuest in various creative ways to get more content and collaboration. One of the most powerful ways: Create monthly “group interview” collecting your contributors’ opinions on one topic and feature them as one powerful article (that’s when our bulk Friendlist email feature would come really handy!) Inviting them to Google Hangouts or Twitter chats is another good idea. Make them part of your brand!

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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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