1.  Generate more traffic to your website;

2. Attract (potential) customers / subscribers;

3. Build (powerful) links to your site;

4. Increase your brand awareness;

5. Build the reputation of a real expert in your niche;

6. Build contacts with bloggers;

7. Learn other bloggers’ tactics and methods;

8. Get inspired by seeing what other bloggers do;

9. Get feedback on what you do “from outside”;

10. Reach new communities and topic hubs;

11. Get introduced to new niches you were unaware of;

12. Become known in other “neighboring” niches (where you can expand your business to);

13. Find new business partners;

14. Share your story to a wider audience;

15. Experiment;

16. Become a better writer;

17. Learn to communicate in various circles;

18. Broaden your outlook: get to know more resources in your niche;

19. Influence the influencers (and become one);

20. Help your campaign to go viral;

21. Create an impressive online resume;

22. Learn to cater for various types of audience;

23. There are more! Let’s discuss them in the comments!

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71 Responses to “20+ Reasons Why You Need to Start Guest Blogging”

  1. Gerald Weber

    You have already mentioned many of the reasons. I think one of the best reasons to guest post is that you are instantly introduced to an new audience.

  2. Kikolani

    Guest blogging gives you the chance to write about topics that may not be thematic for your own site, but perfect for others, giving you the chance to show your wider range of writing skills and interests.

  3. Courtney Wiley

    Great list! I would say that increasing brand awareness and growing your network (both of readers and fellow blogger contacts) would be my #1 and #2 reasons for guest blogging. Great content. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. Ann Smarty

    @gt1987, that's not an excuse for not guest blogging 😉

    @Kikolani, that's an awesome addition. Thanks!

  5. Derek

    OK, you've convinced me – I need to reach out and do some guest blogging.

    But I'm with @gt1987 in that I find it hard to spend the time on it. However, even if only a handful of these benefits come from guest posting, then I know that it's simply a matter of priority for me – not time.

    Thanks for the reminder!

  6. SEO Consultant

    That may be true, but we are in the micro site era where everyone has multiple blogs of their own to maintain. It's difficult enough to keep your own sites updated regularly.

    I agree, if you have time to do it guest blogging could be great. But who has the time???

  7. SEO Consultant

    It's not just that Ann, I'm running several different business ventures at the same time. Point is, people are busy and guest blogging might be low on the priority list. Just my 2 cents.

  8. Steven van Vessum

    Nice list Ann! Guest blogging has been on my todo list as well but I'm also running into the whole time issue. I've got barely enough time to keep my own blog nice and fresh. I'll first have to get all my ducks in a row and then take the next step.

    Reason 6 is a very important reason for me personally. You build up nice contacts like that!

  9. Steve Howe

    I have a goal of commenting on a certain number of blogs each week and am surprised at how many things I am learning, new contacts, and all of the other benefits you mention here. It’s easy to do. Just sign up with google alerts and you’ll get reminders from Google when they email the blogs it finds with your keywords.

    • Fran Civile

      I don't understand what you mean with "Just sign up with google alerts and you'll get reminders from Google when they email the blogs it finds with your keywords" Are you saying you can set up an alert checking for places I've left a comment?


    • Sarah

      Great reminder on Google alerts! It certainly is a lazy man's way to figure out where to comment. Plus, it will show you websites that are already being recognized by Google, which will help you as well.

  10. Nancy E. Wigal

    Let me add one more…provide a fresh perspective on the topic.

    And how timely this is – I just received an invitation to write a guest blog post, and I am very excited that I’ve been given the opportunity to reach new folks.

    Fantastic reasons – keep them coming!

  11. Nate Moller

    Thanks for the additional reminders on why guest blog posts are so helpful.

    I found that guest posting has had an incredible effect on “going viral” too.

    Got this guest post on Twitip that shared the following:

    How to Get a Viral Buzz on Twitter

    Ann has been a great influence on me to guest post more and more! Thanks again!

  12. gautam hans

    I think you covered all the major reasons. I joined your website to increase awareness and get and create guest posts. I will start guest posting by the next month. It may start earlier.

  13. Rahman Mehraby

    Guest Blogging in a well-optimized and focused blog like mine helps you rank well for your keyword. I build a profile page for my guest bloggers and link from all their posts to this profile using their main keywords. The more relevant and well-optimized they write, the more chances will be for them to get ranked highly in search engines for their keywords.

    Check out “Twitter Marketing Expert” and ” SEO Copywriting Expert” and you will find those two fantastic guest bloggers and will see how precious it is to do guest blogging in SOME blogs!

    FYI, I still need more bloggers.

  14. Frank Jovine

    I absolutely agree, but I strongly recommend that you stay in your niche. It's important and much the easier to write about what you know well.

  15. Karen @ Blazing Mind

    Brilliant tips for everyone to read, since I've been guest blogging and having guest bloggers on my blog, I have noticed that there has been an improvement in my blogs stats, as long as you enjoy blogging and you want to do it then I recommend everyone to give it a go 😉

  16. Missy

    Guest posting (and guest blogging) are great methods for site traffic, links and more.

    Good stuff, Ann!!!



  17. Siddanth

    Awesome point list there but main thing is you ll learn and improve the mistakes what your posting in your blog from feedback 😉

  18. Cebu Tech Blogger

    Seems like all the reasons you mentioned are correct. But one reason you might have missed- Guest posting allows you to publish a blog that don't belong to your niche… Then everything will follow…

  19. Sethuram

    Based on above points, i think u guys r clear now abt advtg of guest blogging

    i heartfully invite you all to do guest blogging on my blog – Worthview dot com ( m not a spammer)

  20. Alex Sysoef

    Thanks Ann,

    This is a great service you have started and one I think will help people connect. Guest blogging can be difficult and even discouraging unless your posts are welcome 🙂


  21. Jose Damaso Ramon

    Sharing and interactivity are closely associated to blogging.

    Using this list of tips is an awesome way to achieve the purpose of increasing our blog popularity and interact with our readers for a great blogging experience.

  22. WebTechWise

    Guest blogging is absolutely a must for for any blogger at some point. The first guest post is probably the hardest but it definitely worth it.

  23. Andrew Stolpe

    I just heard the term 'guest blogging' for the first time today and I decided to check it out. It seems like there really are a lot of benefits of doing guest blogging instead of article directories or posting it on my website where no one will see it. As the person above me stated, the first guest post is the hardest to write. Does anyone have any beginner's tips? I'm not really sure what I'm allowed to write / link out during the post.



  24. Anne Galivan

    I only started blogging a little over a month ago but because of a comment I left on a totally unrelated blog, was asked to guest post there. It was so much fun because I had the chance to write on something I love (shoes) that was totally unrelated to my niche. So don't just look in your niche! Of course, if you don't enjoy writing, you're probably not going to write for blogs that don't seem to give you some kind of "bang for your buck."

    I was also interviewed for another website (kind of like guest posting) and that was also very gratifying.

    I have had to take the attitude that whether I see instant results or not (I haven't) that I am going to do things for the joy of writing and connecting. I would actually love to guest post more.



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