It has turned into a great tradition of ours to share publicly guest posts arranged through our community.

I always feel proud creating this round-up: I can see there’s something for everyone in here. Some people go after large, popular blogs placing there guest posts for large audience; others prefer tiny, niche-specific blogs that tightly relate to their topic of expertise.

I can see great benefits behind both the approaches and I am happy we are able to cover any needs. To prove it, here are 25 guest posts from our new members- way to go!

technology1. How To Tour Tokyo In One Day (over at Romow Travel Blog): Kenji Crosland of Teach Street shares a very beautiful post describing how to kill a day or two when being in… Tokyo!

technology2. Put Technology to Work for You (via Eugen Oprea): Mark explains how to balance the cost verses the benefits when using technology.

business3. Find Your Passion and Never Work Again (over at Make Money Online): Mark over at Custom Application Development describes how to unlock the passion and realize the idea of being able to walk away from a tedious and life draining job.

technology4. Google PageRank Patent Runs Out in 2011 (over at Dragon Blogger): Duncan from Extreme Sports Trader gives a great sneak-peek into the Google famous PageRank patent.

technology5 . 5 Tips For Making Great Blog Comments That Get Accepted (over at Quick Online Tips): Lee Dobbins of Website Promotion Blueprint explains how to comment the right way: nothing turns effective until you spend time and effort!

finanve6. 10 Ways to Boost Your Personal Budgeting Skills (over at YourPersonalFinance and via Sufi M of The Glaring Facts) – this post explains how you can be a savvy saver when it comes to your money.

technology7. How to Build Relationship With Blogging? (over at Bog Engage): Latief of Simple Blogging Tips shares some solid advice on networking in blogosphere.

technology8. Optimizing Search Traffic for the Holidays (over at Link Assistant Blog): Collin Elder of MyPhoneDeals teaches online retailers and businesses to benefit from the heavier traffic and consumers who can double or triple their online time during the holiday season.

entertainment9. Five Ways We All Waste Time (over at Declare Magazine): Nicole Spencer of GhostWriterDad shares how we can re-examine how our time is spent and maximize the time the we do have.

technology10. Is Outsourcing SEO a Good Idea? (over at WebmasterFormat): Val Danylchuk of Web Tracking Guide shows us how to choose the golden middle between those SEO companies that produce poor results and those which are too expensive.

business11. Word of Mouth Ad Campaign (over at Aizaku): Mark of SparqCode offers some great steps on building a word of mouth campaign.

relationships12. Five Ways to Raise an Emotionally Intelligent Toddler (over at Raising Small Souls): Tracy O’Connor of Potty Training Power explains how many of the things parents instinctively do for their children are also good for developing patience, frustration tolerance, tenacity and empathy.

technology13. What Should You Expect After Getting on The Front Page of Digg/StumbleUpon (over at Link Assistant Blog): Finder Mind representative shares his experience on how to get prepared for your “front page” moment.

business14. How to Grocery Shop (over at Biz Chick Blogs): CouponSherpa blogger shares a starting point for online grocery shopping and also explains how online grocery shopping help out with the grocery store hassle.

Health15. Calling All Hikers, Bikers, and Walkers: Find the Best Trails Online (over at Bond with Karla): Jessy Troy of Trainer Fitness lists some awesome websites that have been created to show you different trails in and around your area. This is also great for anyone who plans on going on a vacation, or moving to a new area. You can find somewhere to indulge your hobby without breaking a sweat…at least until you get onto the trail.

entertainment16. Top Models and Crush Videos-Really? (over at Pledging for Change): criticizes New Zealand’s Next Top Model show ad and asks why hurting an animal is the new image of choice to suggest beauty and power.

technology17. Why Your Site Might Have A Critical Copyright Problem (over at Rinf): Richard A. Chapo explains how an archaic law causes a host of problems on the web and why most sites have a critical copyright problem and the owners don’t even know it.

creativity18. 7 Web Design Techniques That Should Be Dead by Now (over at Webmaster View): Tavis J. Hampton of TravisOnline calls us up to move on and forget about 1999 design techniques. There are plenty of poor design techniques, some of them more recent than others, but the following are seven that should have died a long time ago.

technology20. How Secure Are Your Lead Generation Forms? (over at PVM Garage): Mark Simon shares some very useful tips to keep your data secure because any form where data is collected is a potential target for people looking to steal data.

Health21. Do Crash Diets Work? (over at Health & Fitness Care): Darren of Finder Mind explains, in simple words, one of the most discussed diet and how it does not work.

entertainment22. Your Pet Parrot, Rat, or Snake is No Longer a Service Animal (over at Lawsuit Millionaires): John of LegalMatch Law Blog shares some interesting legal facts about which animals you (as a business owner) are required to allow on the premises.

Health23. A Proper Diet to Improve Your Hair Health (over at People and Lifestyle blog): Eva of Mediterranean Diet Blog explains how balanced protein-rich diet provides you a healthier hair you want.

technology24. Five Technologies You Need to Run a Successful Business (over at Captured Tech): Steve Patterson of web conferencing services discusses how technology can make your business smarter and more efficient.

Health25. Need To Know Facts About Green Tea And Memory (over at Green tea metabolism): blogger from Methods of Healing discusses numerous health benefits of green tea and green tea extract.

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13 Responses to “25 Guest Posts from MyBlogGuest (Mostly) New Members”

  1. Karen @ p4 Change

    Hey way to go Ann!
    I found a few really good guest bloggers from your forums And people are still joining up each day so thats great news.
    I have had to learn quite a lot because one still added duplicate content ( I can live with it I guess lol) and someone else said they weren't the least interested in getting known with a bio/profile they just want the backlinks duh??? I don't really understand the latter particularly as I give them another backlink in the profile and a follow me on twitter (or elsewhere).
    Your idea of a "guest posts" round up is a great way of link stacking for every body, and I totally appreciate all the effort you are putting into building your business and helping every one too.

    • Ann Smarty

      Hey Karen, thanks for stopping by!

      Yes, some bad things may happen. Please report all culprits to me and I'll be making our community cleaner 🙂 I always support the one who follows the rules!

  2. Diabetic Snacker

    I am always accepting guest posts on my blog. It's a food blog with product
    reviews of all kinds,giveaways and food healthy eating, diabetes
    tips. No rules any topic you'd like is great.

  3. Michelle Adams

    Loving myblogguest Ann, and these round ups are fabulous to see!

    Thank you for bringing us all together, the community is really growing fast and I feel so fortunate to be a part of it. 🙂

  4. Matthew

    Hi Ann!

    This round up post is soooooooooo helpful for the rest of us who are looking to find guest post opportunities.

    Thank you for posting it. It would be great to have an article like this on a regular basis.



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