There’s one thing we have determined about Facebook during one of our previous chat: Facebook brand page updates have very limited visibility.

If you are running a Facebook page and posting an update, only a very tiny part of your page followers will see it even if they are checking their streams at the very moment.

Facebook has limited the brand visibility explaining that people want to see updates from people, NOT businesses. If you are looking for more attention to your brand updates, you’ll have to buy ads.

There’s one cool workaround: Uploading images to your brand page. Photos make it to user timelines much more often without you having to pay.

***Yes, people look at photos and like them but they will seldom click the links. The good news is photos increase your page engagements, help with brand awareness and boost your “Facebook EdgeRank

Here’s some stats for Facebook sharing to keep in mind:

  • Photos are the most engaging type of content on Facebook, with a whopping 87% interaction rate from fans
  • Also, to keep in mind: Friday is the day with the highest engagement rates

So let’s post photos on Fridays ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are a small business or a freelancer, there’s not much photo content you could post that would be both growing your brand awareness and not be too self-promotional (banners won’t cause positive brand awareness unfortunately)

So below let’s get some ideas on visual content for your business page:

1. Fiverr

mbgThere’s one trick with Fiverr: You can really dig some quite awesome and unique gigs in there: Just get very *selective*.

Occasionally I used Fiverr to get creative with our brand name and got some pretty cool results.

Don’t forget: These types of photos boost brand awareness among your fans. You can also re-use them on Pinterest and Flickr.

2. Cartoons

team-mbgSomehow people seem to love cartoonified versions of the avatars they know. That’s what we saw with our collective cartoon avatar and with its geeky variations.

Cartoonified avatars cannot be overused but they make great Facebook updates! They also blend well with logos and website landing pages for better brand awareness.

Here are some tools for you to play.

3. Creative Series

Create, edit, host, insert into a guest post screenshots with JingDepending on your industry, there can be many creative ways to get more out of visual content on Facebook. Here are some ideas:

  • Weekly visual tip“: Upload a cool annotated screenshot every Friday that solves some tiny problem in your niche (for example, weekly featured WordPress plugin or a weekly free tool, etc). Here are our favorite tools for annotated screenshots.
  • Quote of the week“: Visual quotes are huge! They often cause lots of interactions and re-shares and with tools like these you will actually enjoy the process. Don’t forget to add a watermark with your logo any time you create a visual quote or an annotated screenshot!

Any of these Facebook weekly visual columns can be reused on Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest for more brand consistency!

Have fun!

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