We are well aware of the fact that we have to deal with quite complicated concept and tools. There are too many questions we are trying to answer at MyBlogGuest: How to make the community useful? How to balance quality and effort? How to explain what’s quality? etc

We have been working hard to create various free guest blogging tools as well as various ways to make our common task (i.e. achieving mutual benefit) easier to grasp. While struggling with that, we have come up with a few infographics and cheatsheets that can make guest authors’ and bloggers’ lives much easier:

  • Use the infographics as reference for yourself;
  • Use the infographics to explain the concept to your clients or boss;
  • Use the infographics to give away to your team members or freelancers for them to better understand what you need.

Here you go:

*Note: we are running one-hour #myblogguest Twitter chats weekly at 3 PM GMT / 11 am EDT. Join us hear back from the team and get guest blogging help!*

1. Infographics About MyBlogGuest

1) Our Official “How MyBlogGuest Has Been Growing” Infographic: We need a new edition as numbers more than tripled since April.

MyBlogGuest growth

2) Graphic testimonial by our user @idreamsocial: Why MyBlogGuest Rocks: Basically we all know why but it’s a *great* way to lay this out clearly.

MyBlogGuest Rocks

2. Useful Guest Blogging Cheatsheets to Download or Bookmark

3) How to Format a Web Article: Checklist: From subheadings to basic HTML code – everything you, your copywriter or editor should know to make a guest post easy to read and scan and do well in Google and social media.

Format a Web Article

4) Search Hacks to Brainstorm: Cheatsheet. Guest bloggers are always in need of *original* content ideas – here’s a clickable one to brainstorm while search Google and Bing.

Search Hacks to Brainstorm

3. General Guest Blogging Infographics

5) What is Guest Blogging: Infographic. One of our first users’ visualizations. It explains the concept so clearly! We also re-used it for this presentation to talk about guest blogging for author rank.

What is Guest Blogging + Authorship

6) The Guest Blogging: How to Pitch! I am sure you’ve been annoyed by spammy pitches a lot. Here’s a “How to do that right graphic” and video.

Guest Blogging: Pitch

7) How to Choose a Good Blog for Your Guest Post: An easy-to-understand guide on how to avoid crappy blogs when choosing one for your well-written article based on one of our previous Twitter chats.

Choose a Good Blog for Your Guest Post

More about infographics from our previous meetings: How to create and promote infographics.

Join us next week at #MyBlogGuest Twitter chat to list best guest posts of the month!

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Ann Smarty

Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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    This is actually a really good blog post. You see so many dodgy ones about SEO which take some random concept and then spin it out into a verbose, business spiel laden rants about nothing in particular. Then at the bottom everyone writes their SEO laden comments, “Super piece, Susan, I gained knowledge pertaining to the perturbed and moribund impertinence of the discourse. Thank you once again, and don’t forget to click on my link on my name! Cripes, did I just write that by mistake?” Anyway, I do mean this, a VERY useful post for me and thanks for writing an SEO article of worth.


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