Ann Smarty Talking Influencer Marketing at #BW_Chat Twitter Chat

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#BW_ChatI was invited to host #BW_Chat by @Brandwatch to chat about influencer marketing and I thought I’d share my answers here as well!

What can brands achieve through a successful influencer marketing strategy?

Trust building is the most important result of a good influencer marketing campaign. With trust come all the other benefits one can only wish for: Leads, conversions, traffic, etc.

Another important one: Connections. You want those influencers to stick around after the campaign…. You want to turn those influencers into brand ambassadors!

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Chatting on Collaborating, Brainstorming & Guest Blogging at #AtomicChat

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atomicchatThis Monday I was invited to host #AtomicChat again! We’ve been talking on collaborating with bloggers, effective brainstorming and proper guest blogging.

In case you missed it, here’s our q&a (Note: These are only my answers: Other chatters shared lots of gems!)

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am a professional blogger and community manager at @NinjasMarketing

I am pretty well-known thanks to my guest blogging columns at sites like @entrepreneur @smallbiztrends & others

I am not really confident speaking about myself but you can read more here (+How I started story #funny)

Q2 : What is MyBlogU?

@MyBlogU is the free platform that lets you collaborate on content to create more indepth articles & get cited

You start with brainstorm asking members to help you find an original angle #myblogu

You can also open an expert interview project collecting some quotes on a topic #myblogu

You can upload your draft and ask members to provide feedback to make it better #myblogu

Here’s how @MyBlogU has made me more productive.

If you contribute to other users’ projects, you get links from that content when it’s up and build connections w/ authors #myblogu

Here are some examples of articles that get created through @MyBlogU collaboration. Read more »

Best Home Blog: Build Traffic by Getting Featured!

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ihubbub-awards-myblogguestIf you have started a home based blog and want to shout about your story or if you have seen milestones of success in running your family run business, enter The Top 100 Home Business Awards.

iHubbub’s judges will decide who receives the top award for being the best home business. They will also select one business as the best in each Home Business Award Category.

>>>Find out how to enter your clients here<<<

The next 5 entries received by Monday next week will be featured in iHubbub’s May newsletter going out to their 55k mailing list.

What a great way to get your business promoted and in front of a prestigious judging panel!

Brainstorm Daily to Win $1000 and Build Traffic & Connections! #MBUstorm #MyBlogGuest

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mbustorm-springWould you like to get motivated to achieve more with your blog? Would you like to feel inspired to do something awesome daily? Would you like to meet awesome people and build connections with influencers? Would you like to create content which is shared 10 times more than your current articles?

If yes is the answer to all of these questions, then I have great news for you: You can achieve all of that plus get the chances of winning $1000

That’s our #MBUstorm challenge!

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Did I mention it costs you nothing to enter?

Here are some testimonials from our challenge takers are saying:

Let’s ROCK!

#AtomicChat Hosted by Ann Smarty This Week

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join-mybloguThis Monday I was busy hosting #AtomicChat: I thought I’d share my answers with my beloved community! Enjoy!

Q1: Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I am Ann Smarty, brand & community manager at @NinjasMarketing, founder of MyBlogU, co-founder of @VCBuzz

I also host two Twitter chats weekly: #VCBuzz Tuesdays 12 pm est, #myblogu Thursdays 11 am est

I am an active blogger and guest blogger all over the place too (sites like @DevSEOchat, @smallbiztrends, @entrepreneur, etc). I blog A LOT for about 8 years now… Read more »

Win $1000 by Accomplishing Your Blogging New Year’s Resolutions! #myblogguest

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We are doing that again: This time we are going to help you accomplish your blogging goals because it’s New Year! The dreams should come true!

>>> Read the full article here explaining how to enter and win!

In short, here’s what you need to do in order to win $1000

  1. Let us know your blogging resolution for 2015
  2. Use *every day* for 30 days to take little steps towards that goal (or help others to)
  3. Tweet DAILY using #mbustorm hashtag to let the community know which steps you took
  4. After 30 days, share your results (how close did you get to your goal?)

Here’s a quick graphic to easier remember the steps:


And here’s the challenge promo video to make it even more fun:

Happy New Year and let’s have things get done finally!

Win $800 by Brainstorming Daily

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We are announcing #MBUstorm brainstorm challenge today!

*** Details are here: Join #MBUstorm 30-Day Brainstorm Challenge: Win Cash and More AWESOME Prizes

The rules are simple:

  • Use* MyBlogU Brainstorm section every day for 30 days (send ideas to others, create your own projects, promote other users’ projects, etc)
  • Whatever you do, tweet it using the hashtag #mbustorm DAILY
  • Once your 30 days are over, submit your results or experience to win the GRAND prize and lots of other prizes from our partners:


Here’s a quick deck explaining the rules, deadlines and benefits (the decks are clickable, so you can see what to submit where):