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Now to the chat: we’ve been discussing accepting guest posts today!

There have been a lot discussions recently: is it really worth accepting guest posts when there are so many people who try to abuse guest blogging and simply don’t get it.

I say, not accepting *guest* posts only because there’s a lot of spam is the same as stop accepting blog comments because there more spam comments than valid ones. It’s the same as letting spam win!

Guest blogging is the powerful concept. Spam cannot ruin it if you really know how to make the most of your guest posts.

Here are a few tips:

  • (1) Don’t waste time on spammy pitches. View this video as an example. I am sure you got quite a few of those! Just ignore and delete poorly done emails.
  • (2) Invite best authors to contribute again. The end goal is to build long-term relations with really great authors.
  • (3) Be generous in terms of sharing your guest author in tweets and likes (you’ll see they will share you too!)
  • (4) Never sacrifice on your quality standards – only publish content you LOVE
  • (5) Format your guest posts with care: Include good photos (drives traffic from Pinterest, etc) or ask your guest authors to add a few
  • (6) Link to relevant articles from your blog to bring up your own articles

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