Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!Today we are talking about our by far most favorite feature: The Articles Gallery and mainly about one of the most underestimated features of it: NOTES.

Best practices: Dear authors, please don’t ignore our mods’ private notes because they are meant to help you make the most of our tool!

NOTES are located in the right-most column of the gallery. Notes can be private (visible to the author and mods) and public (visible to all the users).

Tips for using notes as the author:

  • [Required] Use public notes to describe your in-body self-serving link (if you have any). Please read about natural *in-body* linking here:
  • [Required] Use public notes to describe your image license and credit. You are only allowed to use Creative Commons, Royalty Free or your own images. See tips and resources here. Example: “Royalty-free image inside. Source:” This is very important because this way publishers will know for sure they can safely use your images!
  • [Encouraged] Use public notes when you want to get more attention to your articles. (Example: “Lost of awesome images inside.”)
  • [Encouraged] Use *private* notes to save your TO-DO (Example: “Offered this to guy77. Waiting for the confirmation”)
  • [Encouraged] Use *private* notes if you want to leave a note to mods (Example: “Keep this article live pls. It’s meant for guy77”)
  • [Discouraged] Please don’t simply describe your article in NOTES (we have description field for that). Instead, use NOTES to promote your article and inform potential publishers.

Tips for using notes as the publisher:

  • [Discouraged] Please DON’T add notes requesting an article in the gallery. Use “Offer (Free!)” option instead.
  • [Encouraged] Please add *private* notes if you see some obvious mistake in an article
  • [Encouraged] Please add notes in “Articles Given to me” section if you need to make some quick status update (Example: “I’ll find an image and publish it tomorrow”)
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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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