enjoyAugust was an intense month – we shared a number of tips for publishers. Hope you enjoyed it!

All the basic points of our late summer chats are gathered here: 10 Best #myblogguest Tips for Content Publishers

Now please read and share these guest posts published in August via MyBlogGuest shortly described by our moderator Olga.

family1. Your Children Are Changing Every Day – Photos Capture The Moment! (via supportforstepdads.com): A friend of mine, a photographer, who gave birth for the first time a short time ago, seems to capture every move of her amazing baby. And you know, I can understand her – the time is floating very quickly, and all these pics will be real treasure very soon. Lucy Literna of lucyliterna.com knows how to capture such perfect memories.

business2. How To Write A Shirty E-Mail (over at aliensmoney.com): Oh, I’m always stuck when I need to write one. Being a straight person it always creates a kind of a problem for me how to do that in a correct and polite way, as I really do care the person on the other side of the screen. Keith Terrell from orpmedia.com.au knows the right way how to do that.

entertainment3. How To Get Better At Giving Gifts (via acreativexpression.com): I love giving gifts! Even more than getting them. 🙂 Theo Ananiadis from australiangourmetgifts.com.au has some tips ready for you.

finance4. Liberty And Justice For All? The Jerry Hartfield Story (via thecompletelawyer.com): Is innocent until proven guilty really an inalienable right? – asks Andrew M. Weisberg in his article. Or is it just another American ideal like liberty and justice for all.

lifestyle5. A Modern Day Hero: Hideaki Akaiwa (over at clairecharters.com): It’s an amazing story by Erin Tran of inaraft.com returns belief in the reality of miracles and humanity.

technology6. 13 Tips How To Write A Great Blog Post (via socialmediarevolver.com): Easy to follow ‘recipe’ by Ben Sibley of nngroup.com will turn your blog post to a really great one!

lifestyle7. Anger Management – Let him vent (over at objectivesoul.com): It’s always a challenge when you have to deal with a person in stress or depression. These tips by Donna from edictive.com will help you to come and do your best.

food8. Brush Embroidered Icing Sheet Appliques (via whenangelscook.com): When you look at this cake, it really seems to be cooked by angels. 🙂 Theresa Happe of cake-decorating-corner.com is ready to share the secrets though.

car9. Smart Car Features That Never Quite Took Off (over at icontemplate.com): Don’t know about you, but I always enjoy stories about innovations that never came true… It’s like a sci-fi but really very close to reality. Carrie Thompson of aspenautoclinic.com made a list of some fantastic features that didn’t catch on.

family10. 5 Best Relationship Building WordPress Plugins (over at webgrowth.biz): Essentially blogging is just based on relationship building, here I’m exactly on the same page with Annie Wallace of viralmom.com. And it was a great pleasure to find MyBlogGuest in the list.

entertainment11. Top Story: Transforming 10 TV Stars Into Movie Celebrities With Heroic Gaming Roles (via dangerouslee.biz): I won’t lie when saying that Lucio Pereira from killerguides.com opened a totally new genre for me.

food12. Survival Tips: Eating Gourmet In The Wild (via traveltrailerblog.com): Carla Rodgers of delmarescapes.com will help you not just to survive but really make your meal healthy and delicious, no matter that you are in the wild.

entertainment13. A Realm Reborn (over at tsquareg.net): A great MMORPG game guide by Timothy Herrera of ffxivguide.net.

technology14. So It Looks Like Samsung Had To ‘Bounce’ (over at sellmymobile.com): This story between Apple and Samsung brought to us by Erin Walsh of pchealthboost.com really seems to be an eternal one already. So, sometimes I just wonder if any of them ever give it up.

technology15. Did You Forget To Turn On The Security System? (via memetics.com): Are you also the one who would double check everything before leaving your home? Lane Goodberry of melaleucasecurity.com explains in details why you shouldn’t forget about the security system as well.

business16. How To Write A Digital Strategy (via viralmom.com): These tips by Katherine Peterson of minneapoliswebdesign.com will help you to establish a framework to follow for your online efforts. Give it a try!

technology17. How Your Business Can Use Facebook Embeddable Posts (via socialmediasun.com): Since this feature is only open to a limited set of publishers right now, it still remains to be seen how it will play out, but it is one of those times where it will pay to be first in line, as David Soto claims.

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