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The worst thing of today’s online marketers and website owners is that they seldom target long-term objectives, therefore “growing together” is a hard-to-understand concept for most of them!

They need traffic today, so all they are spending energy on is trying to reach out to influencers (as people who can give them exposure today) – instead of finding your *peers* (people who will build your future and become influencers *together* with you).

I am a huge believer in the “growing together” concept.

When I started ~6 years ago, first people who noticed my blog and started commented were not Rand Fishkin or Jim Boykin (sadly but obviously). They were new bloggers like me! We started helping each other by passing along cool opportunities, sharing each others’ content and commenting on each others’ blogs.

Now that 6 years passed, most of us have grown into established bloggers. Each of us has the name, reputation, voice and communities. We’ve become influencers.

We are not that close any more simply because we got too busy BUT we still know we will help each other no matter what. We’ve never met each other but I will always remember, that’s thanks to them that I achieved anything in my career.

That’s the story I was telling during my #pubcon session…

3 Rules of Relationship-Powered Link Building #pubcon from Ann Smarty

#MyBlogGuest Is All for Growing Together

At #MyBlogGuest we are highly interested in new excited bloggers and publishers. We have always known that’s our future: Helping bloggers to grow while they are helping us!

We welcome new bloggers to join our guest blogging community and join the forces.


Here are free benefits for new bloggers:

  • You can use our free content: Both Infographics Gallery and eBooks Gallery are open for bloggers of all sizes and calibre (The only place where you need to be at least somewhat established to get free content from is the Articles Gallery)
  • You can guest post using the free forums and thus get some exposure from other blogs
  • You can apply to be our free Elite author (that opens up all our PRO features for free). The only requirement is to be an excited and talented blogger!

There’s No Magic Bullet Though

Just saying “I am new, please help me” is not enough. You need to be passionate and willing to succeed. You need to be eager to learn and keep building your blogs!

We do have lots of opportunities for you to learn:

  • We have our discussion board and see really useful and indepth discussions going on in the General questions. You are always welcome to seek help there!
  • We have these weekly Twitter chat meetings. You are always welcome to come, learn what we can do for you and each other and ask your questions. mark them in your calendar: Each Thursday, 11 am EDT. We encourage our Twitter chat participants to follow each other and interact with each other to help you grow your own community!
  • We have monthly Google Plus Hangouts which you can join every last Friday of the month , 1 pm EDT.
  • If you have not yet joined MyBlogGuest community on Google Plus, you are missing out. We have lots of quality discussions there (thanks to our awesome moderator Don Sturgill). One of the weekly traditions, Community Mastermind, is awesome source of knowledge and connections.

  • Finally, we have that lets you have your content shared for free! This gives lots of exposure (provided you have great content to share there).

So all you really need at the start is some patience, effort and supporters / peers. #MyBlogGuest community is happy to become your supporters (while effort is still up to you ;))

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

2 Responses to “Beginner Bloggers: How #MyBlogGuest Helps New Bloggers”

  1. Rod Olivares

    Thanks Ann. I get it. I received the “declined” email from MBG (sad to say).

    I know there’s now magic bullet out there. We’ll keep on building our blog and creating as useful content as we can for our audience.

    Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Rashid Hassan

    Hi, i have noticed that my blog request has been declined due to category issue.Please check my blog again.There is no other category except technology, apps and mobiles.i have stopped taking blogs of universe.See my latest 10 articles.Regarding D Faltz, i know him. He is also focussed on links.He is into internet marketing.But in my case i am looking for blogs from other authrors


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