Bloggers enjoy contests: they (1) have fun, (2) make friends and (3) win prizes. In this perspective, guest blogging contests are even huger win because you (1) have fun, (2) make friends, (3) win prizes, (4) build links and (5) brand awareness!

We’ve already had two guest blogging contests at MyBlogGuest that were great success. This time we are hosting a “Guest Blogging Gone Crazy Contest” at another great blog (where I myself guest posted twice) – Smart Bloggerz.

The prizes are huge and plenty: to see them, go to the official post. The algorithm to determine the winner is based on points.

  1. For your every guest post that gets published on SmartBloggerz, you will get 2 points. You can submit any amount of guest post for review.
  2. 10 Retweets of your guest post = 1 point
  3. 5 BlogEngage Votes = 1 point
  4. Every unique commentator in your guest post excluding author replies = 1 point
  5. 5 Digg Votes = 1 Point

So wait no more. Go have some fun guest blogging and making contacts!

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6 Responses to “Crazy Guest Blogging Contest over at Smart Bloggerz”

  1. Cheryl from thatgirl

    Not only is this an interesting contest, but I just saw my most recent tweet turn up in the tweet box! How cool is that? I love hanging out with you guys 😀

  2. techsmash

    Dude He is doing well with gues post…I think he is not every writting any article from more than 1 month ago…all are guest posts only


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