It will never stop amazing me: our members are just awesome! They are doing a much better job than anyone from our team promoting our guest blogging platform!

We have already listed a lot of great independent MyBlogGuest reviews (as well as user testimonials) and more are coming weekly and even daily!

Here’s an awesome, very thorough piece on how to maximize guest blogging results with our community and another great one on how to distribute your articles to high-quality websites with MyBlogGuest (the author is also kindly sharing the statistics and personal results!).

I am even more amazed by the great video reviews coming from our members! We have never expected our users to be so kind and we highly appreciate it! I have shared one very professionally done video review of MyBlogGuest previously.

***This week another one has arrived through my Google Alerts: Get Free Content From Other Bloggers For Your WordPress Website – a very detailed, very personal video which is sure to help our newest members to get the whole idea of what they are joining! Thanks a lot, Mitz! And thanks for bringing your awesome website, WordPress Website Builder, to our blogging family!***


cc licensed ( BY ND ) flickr photo shared by LULZ Photography

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