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health1. How To Save Someone From Drowning (via bigshotmedia.com): it’s a bit unusual topic, at least I don’t see them that much, and I think this is something every grownup person should know. More by Chloe Bigend of ybw-boatsforsale.com

technology2. Choosing the Broadband Internet Option That is Right for You (via cutbaddebts.com): if choose it not only fo entertainment, but for work as well then it’s important t make the right choice from the very beginning; tips by Sam Jones of uswitch.com

green3. 10 Green Ways to Improve Our Cities …[Infographic] (over at delawareohrealestate.com): an important green topic by sustainabledelawareohio.org

technology 4. Should Businesses Avoid Facebook Due to the Promote Feature? [Infographic]

pet5. Does Physical Punishment Help with Training (via humanesocietyhallcounty.com): point of view of Chris Summers from aboutdoggies.net I think it’s cruel to beat pets, do you?

technology6. Three main reasons why you’re not using Google+ (via iwebsoftsolution.com): this post was written by Matthew Wood of pcsupportgroup.com Matthew is now one of the moderators of our G+ community!

health7. The Health Benefits of Morning Exercise! (over at gainbuildmuscle.com): health tips are never enough; more here from nationwidesi.com

business8. Holidays, Flu and Vacation Season – is your Business Prepared? (via techandscience.com): questions and answers by Cassie Lummus

technology9. Is Content Marketing Better than Link Building? (over at seo-services.com): David Chapman of webrageous.com believes that it is. And we agree!

health10. Five Motivational Techniques That Will Get You To Perform At The Gym (via blog.nutribomb.com): a lot of things in our life require motivation. Being healthy is also often the case. Five tips by Matthew Wood of mmafightwear.net

food11. 5 Quick and Easy Health-Boosting Herbal Tea Recipes (via favorcreative.com): great healthy energy drinks that are a much better than canned ones. By Stephanie Croft futureshape.com

technology12. Smartphone Apps Could Help Cut Car Accidents (over at gadget-rumours.com): they can do even this! More details by Georgina Clatworthy of houston-accidentattorney.com

technology13. The Craziest Things Ever Seen On Facebook, Twitter And Google + (over at writerlisamason.com): yellow hair coloring and more by Laura Watson of bluebanana.com

pet14. Exercise a Dog with Arthritis (over at cactuscanyon.com): our four-footed friends need a lot of care sometimes, especially when they are ill. Some illnesses can be treated just with regular exercises. Bonnie of needanarticle.com knows more.

entertainment15. The Fine Art Of Swishing (via thestyledragon.com): I didn’t even know there is an ‘art’ for this 🙂 Rebecca Forsythe of volunteering.thirdsector.co.uk did!

health16.Potential Health Benefits of Nicotine Revealed (via balkanwriters.com): remember – these are just potential benefits 🙂 No need to start smoking right now! Guest post by Shanon Steeves of vaporvixxen.com

lifestyle17. Hottest Fashion Trends 2013 (via laughingbutterflies.wordpress.com): cool trainers, jackets, and more by Kieron Casey of the-totality.com

travel18. Crazy things to do in Prague (over at cometoprague.com): keep in mind next time you go there! Crazy tips from graffiti-walls.com

entertainment19. Do What You Love (via viralmom.com): start with a plan – the hardest thing is to decide. Great post by Sam Wright of eversleystorage.co.uk

home20. We ARE Taking Out the Bath – So Get Used to the Idea (over at ourhometools.com): home renovation is hard, but exciting! Great tips on a new bathroom you are going to like by Phil Turner of qssupplies.co.uk

business21. Should I start/stop CPR in my Wilderness Setting? (over at rockymountainsurvival.com): good question if you are that kind of a person. Tony of sea2skyservices.com surely is!

technology22. Best Wireless Mice for PCs (over at techandscience.com): basically there is a comparison/review of two great choices by Sarah Bruce of mytechgurus.info

family23. How to avoid outdoor health dangers for your family? (via junebeebaby.com): good practical tips for active mums and dads by Dorothy Wheaton of careworkshealth.com

family24. Tech Initiatives for Children (via mommysbusy.com): a guest post by Oliver of legolandholidays.co.uk on how to usefully entertain kids and develop their skills from the early age.

technology25. How to get URLs simple and optimized? (via aliensmoney.com): good domain name is a half of your site’s future success – choose it wisely, and do it right with Jessy Taylor of seo-vantage.co.uk

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