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Elite gallery

Do you wish you could find quality articles for your website – but without having to weed through a sea of mediocre (or worse) submissions to find one strong enough to suit your standards?

At My Blog Guest, we not only feel your pain, but we’ve done something about it.

Announcing: My Blog Guest Elite

We (Ann Smarty and her staff) invite you to preview a system that will allow quality writers to shine. For publishers (Bloggers), that means no more having to sort through the thousands of articles in our database to find one just right for your website.

For high-quality Bloggers, we have high-quality writers

The new Elite Articles Gallery will showcase work ONLY by those authors who aspire to write top-shelf articles and have proven their ability to do so.

You are invited

Be among the first publishers to visit the Elite Gallery and find out whether your next post is waiting for you to claim. Your participation and feedback will help us fine-tune our system to provide you with increasingly better articles and easier access to them.

Things you need to know:

  • The program is in beta status right now. The Elite Gallery will slowly fill with available articles as writers are selected to participate in the program and our moderators work with them to ensure the My Blog Guest Quality Standards are being met. If the article you want isn’t yet there, just check back later. It will be.
  • Offering to publish an article neither guarantees you will be the one to get it, nor does it mean you are committed to publishing it. The writer decides which website is granted publication rights. Once the article is released to the publisher (Blogger), he or she can reject the piece at any time before publication. We want both parties to be thrilled with the transaction.
  • Publishers must register with My Blog Guest, but they do not pay writers for the articles. The agreement is mutually beneficial. The writer gets his or her work published and the Blogger gets great work to publish. It is a true Win-Win situation. Isn’t it great when that happens?

So what does this great tool cost?

Absolutely nothing! There are paid options available for power users of our services, but anyone can gain benefits from My Blog Guest … for FREE. It is entirely possible to find your next great Blog post quickly, gain permission to use it within the hour, and have it posted and working for you on the same day. It all depends upon communication between writers and publishers—and My Blog Guest makes that communication possible.

All you need to do is visit the My Blog Guest website, register your account, and start shopping. Look for the Elite Articles button on the menu bar. One thing to remember, though: there are hundreds of high-quality articles in the regular My Blog Guest Articles Gallery right now, and this new service is not meant to devalue those articles whatsoever.

The purpose of the Elite Gallery is to provide a special place where top-notch authors can showcase their work to potential publishers. Moreover, the Elite Gallery provides a special place where potential publishers can easily preview excellent articles and indicate their desire to publish them.

All articles in either of the My Blog Guest galleries are original and unpublished work.

Authors who wish to be considered for the Elite program should email their contact information to info AT Publishers (Bloggers) who are looking for high-quality articles should register at My Blog Guest, then visit the Articles Gallery and look on the menu bar for the Elite Articles button.

See how MyBlogGuest Articles Gallery works:

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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