Before contacting other members using MyBlogGuest, please complete your profile (not to be considered a random spammer) and make sure you follow these commonsense rules:

1. Make sure your message is relevant

For various reasons (including obvious abuse) we ask our members to only pitch each other with *guest-blogging* related questions. Exceptions can be any personal chats, jokes, anything that has nothing to do with marketing or promotion.

Please don’t contact each other privately for self-promotion purposes (advertising your services) or for marketing / link building help (offering link exchange, link sales, social media promotion, etc).

spam pm

We want our members to be free from any irrelevant pitches. If you get to know any other member well enough to discuss other ways to cooperate (provided you are both interested), please take this conversation outside MyBlogGuest

So before contacting any MyBlogGuest member, please, make sure:

  • Your question is guest blogging related;
  • The person you are about to contact must be interested in your message (i.e. that person explicitly expressed the interest using the public forum)

We don’t want you to feel your freedom is limited – but please mind that what seems pretty innocent to you may be considered as abusive and irrelevant spam to others. So let’s all follow generic common sense rules of conduct to avoid any unexpected issues. We are here to build contacts, not to ruin them!

2. Your message is personalized

Please don’t email or PM saying you want to guest post (or you are looking for a guest author), mention:

  • The user’s name
  • Your topic
  • Why you think the user will be interested (mention his / her thread or article that made you contact)

Please read about our contacting rules and options here.

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