• Evaluate siteCheck basic stats: hover over on the site to see its Google PR, MozRank and number of pages indexed in Google. Again, take a quick note but move further.
  • Browse the site to see if there’s any activity on it: comments, tweets, shares.
    • If there are not social media count buttons to see if the pages are shared, try one of these tools.
    • Check for obvious signs of low-quality dropped / expired domains: absent or poorly-written (“default”) “About” pages.
    • Check for obviously-paid links: Dirty anchor text in the sidebar or footer.
    • Check for unmoderated comments: Good bloggers always moderate and reply to comments.
  • Follow your own “gut” feeling: If the blog theme fresh / unique? Are there only *guest* articles published or is it also maintained by the owner as well? Do you like the content?
  • Check MyBlogGuest history of the user: The blog owner’s user ratings and forum activity as well as his social media profiles.


Don’t ignore newer sites with great potential (growing community). It’s easier to stand out and get noticed when you enter a new but already vibrant community.

>>>Every huge site was once a tiny newbie and I am sure they still remember and appreciate their very first contributors!

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