We use the built-in feature called Tracker (we have it as a standalone tool as well): It regularly goes through your articles to ensure:

  • The article is live
  • The links in it are there
  • The links in your guest post have no nofollow

In case any major change has been made, you’ll receive an email and PM asking you to review the article and, if needed, report the issue to the support team.

email alert

Try to contact the publisher first as most of the errors that happen are pure misunderstanding and it’s easy to settle them.

Feel free to seek our team’s help if:

  • The publisher hasn’t replied to you for three business days;
  • The publisher is obviously missing out of action (judging on the last login date)
  • The publisher has obviously done something greyish (example: stole your article and published it on another blog without the credit). We want to be very fast to react to those serious cases like that to avoid further damage.

What if Your Article Seems Fine?

If you visited the guest post and haven’t found anything wrong with it, go to your “Published (Completed)” folder and locate that article. By hovering over the (!) sign, you’ll see the reason why the machine thought there was anything wrong with the article:

link flag

If you still think your article is fine, click “Re-check automatically”. This will prompt the machine to check the article again:

link flag

If the machine still insists there’s something wrong (this may happen with certain designs and layouts that prevent our scraper from viewing the page properly), click “Approve manually”

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