We verify the ownership of each blog being added to our system to protect our guest authors from any possible fraud. You must verify your site before being able to offer your site to publish guest posts from our Articles Gallery.

Verifying is very easy and we are very flexible and helpful. Choose ONE:

  • Meta tag verification: Please copy-paste the generated code in your header file (anywhere before closing </head> tag) and save the file. Once done, please click “Verify” button below. Once verified, feel free to remove the code.
  • Email verification: Please create an email address at your domain (if you haven’t already). For example, info@yourdomai.com, me@yourdomain.com, etc. Then provide this email address in the form and we’ll send you the verification email containing further instructions.
  • Manual verification: Please create any screenshot that could verify your ownership of the current site (for example, Google Analytics Dashboard screenshot, WordPress Dashboard screenshot) and email the screenshot to verify AT myblogguest.com (please use the word “Verify” in the subject of the email).


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