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This week we are proud to welcome a featured guest of our chat – Don Sturgill, our chief Google+ community moderator.

It’s been over two months since we launched our G+ community. So, it’s time to think and talk over the ways to manage and develop it. Our mail goal is to make it useful! It’s one more FREE feature that we happily give away to our forum members and all those interested in guest blogging outside the forum.

Just to remind you a few free features for both blog owners and guest authors:

Now, let’s get to our topic and our guest! We asked Don about his experience with the forum, Google+ community, and guest blogging in general – and as expected got amazing answers!

Q: Don! You’ve been a member of MyBlogGuest forum for over a year now. What was your first impression? Is it different now?

A: I was impressed by how quickly there were responses to my articles. It seemed easy to get them published. After a while, I began to catch on to the many tools available via MBG,
searching for potential publishers, rather than waiting for them to find you, for instance. And tweaking the Title and Tags to draw attention.
The change has been in learning more and more of the possibilities …

Q: Don, you always multitask – how do you find time for everything? Any time-management tips/tools?

A: I strive for organization and focus.

Q: What are some good resources for finding major media outlets that have forms / applications 4 guest blogging? (such as huffpo) (question from @promediacorp)

A: The best resource I know is one I wrote for the SBA (not bragging, if it’s true).
My hope is you would do the work in that field guide and send me any questions or observations. You can get a free copy here

Q: What are your favorite MBG forum features Don?

A: I love the discussions in the forums. I have learned much there, and I hope to get more involved. Actually… I like everything about MBG and Ann keeps stacking on tools so quickly I can’t keep up … The new WordPress plugin is a timesaver. Being able to search for publishers using categories and tags is incredibly helpful.

Q: How often do you post guest posts on your own blogs?

A: I go through cycles. Lately, I have been too busy (there’s that word again), and my own sites have suffered. I have more URLs than I can keep up with. When I’m on a roll, I request half a dozen or more articles per day. I’m in a personal time of reconfiguring my sites. Sometimes more is less …

Q: You are a writer. Where do you get ideas & inspiration for new posts? How often do you guest post yourself?

A: I try to keep something always working in the gallery, though that isn’t always possible.  Most of my articles are written under a pseudonym and used for corporate link building. There is an approval process on the company side that often lags. Ideas and inspiration abound. I can’t get out of bed without being inspired by some thought or observation 🙂 Ann Smarty is my mentor (unbeknownst to her). She has taught me much about fitting ideas to the marketplace. Those who have yet to check out her “Need Content Ideas?” thread in the Private forum are really missing out …

Q: Don, you are our chief G+ community moderator from its very first day 🙂 Enjoying it?

A: Love it … and I really look forward to the day when others are jumping in more and talking about the crafts. The MBG Community could be a valuable, valuable resource – a bridge between the MBG website and the online world.

Q: There have been some changes in our G+ community rules. Will you tell us more on this please?

A: We were seeing a ton of hit and run link dropping, so we decided to accept advertorial types of posts on Fridays only. The main MBG site is open 24/7 for those who are seeking writers or publishers. We are still forming the basis for the Community. It is an excellent time to join. Your input now will be invaluable to the future of the Community.

Q: Do you think MBG G+ community is an addition to the forum, smth different from what we have there? #MyBlogGuest

A: In a way, it is the forum moved to G+ … it’s a convenient means of carrying on the conversation. Hopefully, though, everyone who participates in the Community will end up taking advantage of all the MBG website offers.

Q: At the forum we target both blog owners and guest writers. Who do we target more at G+ community? #MyBlogGuest

A: Seems to me the Community is an idea place for publishers and authors to meet and exchange ideas. It’s also a great spot for folks wondering what Guest posting is all about to come and find out more. I would say those 3 groups are our primary audience in the MBG Community.

Q: Do you have any ideas on how to attract more new G+ community members and get those we have participate more actively? #MyBlogGuest

A: Yep. And I would love to hear ideas from others. Together, we can do much more than any of us can accomplish alone.

  1. Everyone who loves MBG should visit the G+ Community often to leave comments and plus one interesting content. Do both.
  2. When you see helpful articles or ideas that can benefit the Community, share them. And don’t just share your own articles.
  3. When you see visitors show up in the Community, say hello to them. Let them know we care.
  4. Get into a discussion with your peers, right there in the Community. Ask one another questions. Have fun.Don’t be afraid to disagree. That is when real Community begins. There is freedom in speaking your mind.
  5. Remember to save promotional posts for Fridays.
  6. When you have ideas that can help the Community, speak out. If we work together, we grow together.

I like to post the number of Community members on this Tweetup (365) …. but it’s really not the numbers that count … it is the quality of the conversations … We could become the go-to place for authors and publishers to find one another on Google Plus. Maybe we already are. But we can definitely do that better … if we want to.

Q: Tell us a few words about Free-For-All Fridays at G+ community?

A: It is open house for promotional posting. Need a publisher? Need a writer? Want others to share your articles? Friday is the day!

Q: Any personal tricks to share with our forum and G+ community members to get the most out of guest blogging?

A: There are two critical factors in guest blogging: Relationships and Quality content. We can build both on My Blog Guest … on the main MBG site and in the Community.  My best tips are: Keep learning. Keep sharing. Keep caring. Keep Dreaming. And stay organized!

Thank you Don for all the wisdom you share with us!

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