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Today’s chat aims at addressing one popular misconception about MyBlogGuest: We are NOT a match-making service (yet, maybe); we are NOT automating anything and we are NOT designed for easy quick gains.

MyBlogGuest is the community that offers guest authors to reach out to bloggers (and vice versa). We develop tools to make your life easier and help you with our suggestions and guidelines. We have rules and quality requirements in place to make sure there’s a balance between the needs of guest authors and blog publishers.

We don’t guarantee that your article will find home though, especially if you are not interested in following our guidelines…

Getting Offers in #MyBlogGuest Gallery

However, being the most active MyBlogGuest user since day 1, I do have some insight to share into how you can get more offers

The specifics of one of our most popular section (the Articles Gallery) is that the blog owner comes to you for your article (kind of the contrary to how it happens outside MBG – where you need to pitch your article idea to someone), so keeping that in mind, here are the tips:

Trend1. Follow the trend…

One may really get offended that their very well-written in-depth article on asbestos exposure isn’t getting too many offers from bloggers… Truth is, there simply aren’t many bloggers who could use it because asbestos or even construction or even work safety are not fun enough to blog about.

There’s no better way to put it: The Internet and especially the blogosphere (not just us) loves trends and popular topics.

Technology, marketing and business blogs are the most “linking” niches on the Internet. The same goes about MyBlogGuest. Business and tech bloggers are most active, web-savvy and link-generous. If you want to get offers, think about how your topic can be re-focused to something trendy and tech-related.

Here are some ideas of how you can avoid writing yet another guest posts on the boring topic and start thinking “creativity” and “trends”.

TIP: PRO members can request article ideas in our private forum [login required] and our G+ followers can ask for some brainstorming help in our Google Plus community

Trend2. Stand out

Also think about what bloggers see when scrolling through the Articles Gallery:

  • Try coming up with original and catchy titles and cool descriptions to stand out!
  • Add tags (this is how your articles get found)
  • Make sure you have a relevant category chosen

TIP: Applying for an Elite status as well as verifying your Authorship are two MOST powerful ways to stand out in the gallery and get extra exposure to your articles.

Pinned3. Get pinned / suggested by mods

The only way to do that is to follow *ALL* the quality standards. We will never promote an article that’s missing any of these points. We take our quality guidelines very seriously because we care about the blog owners who make offers to your articles.

If you think your articles qualify but you are not seeing offers, please email mods AT myblogguest dot com to request help getting offers (but do make sure your article adheres to all our standards first)

Please just go ahead and check each point every time:

[Tip: When editing the article, you can always bring the checklist up by clicking “Need Help? See the Quality Checklist” below the editor]

? My article as well as my author byline is unique. My article contains original ideas. (Please read how original content is much more than unpublished content)

? Good English and grammar (No keyword stuffing)

? The HTML code is clean (Extra “dirty” code makes the article hard to publish and may result in the article rejection). Please see a detailed tutorial on making your article nice: VIDEO

? My article is broken into parts using subheadings (Please read why and how to do that here)

? Natural and relevant linking (download a cheatsheet here). My self serving link is NOT in opening paragraphs

? I am linking out to trusted resources a lot (more about the benefits of co-citation here)… I link to my social media profiles.

? I am using Royalty-free or CC-attributed images and screenshots to make my article more attractive. (Feel free to use Smart Photo Stock for that)

? My byline is be about me, the author, (not company); It’s unique & personal, not self promotional. I inform rather than promote (e.g. “I am a blogger behind XXX” instead of “Check out XXX!”).

? My article is so good that I would gladly publish it at my own site! I like reading it myself

Add to friends4. Add publishers to friends

The whole idea of MyBlogGuest is that one day you don’t need our PRO membership. Seriously, if you cancel your payment and go away because you have enough relationships with bloggers who you keep interacting with, I say, our mission is accomplished…

We want you to constantly collaborate with your chosen bloggers and one easy way to do it is by adding to friends.

Each time bloggers reply to your friendship request, they will be prompted to subscribe to your articles (which they are likely to do if you provide great content). If they do, they will receive an email every time you upload a new article to the gallery!

Articles from friends

Being active in the forums and finding bloggers through our hand-picked “featured publishers” [login required] – all these efforts will help you build and grow your contacts.

Here are more tips on organizing your guest blogging contacts with myblogguest.

Good luck getting offers and please let us know if you need help!

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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