This is guest post by one of our most active and most awesome members Heather Sokol.  She has built a strong presence at My Blog Guest and according to her own words the forum has helped her quite a bit. Her guest posting strategy and tips are below.

I have been using the My Blog Guest forums, successfully, for the last several months. It has been a blessing to me, both as a publisher & a writer. In addition to getting awesome content for my own site and building links & traffic through my guest articles, I am building relationships that extend far beyond a one-time guest post.

The secret to my success? Making just the right connections – and, it’s easier than you think!

The key is thinking outside the box a little bit. You know your niche and audience, but a guest blogger doesn’t have to be a part of it. They just need to be talented enough to tailor their content for your site (or vice versa). Be open to new ideas, and you’ll find interesting perspectives on your topic or entirely new audiences for your articles.

My own site is probably the simplest example – Inexpensively provides money saving advice on a wide variety of subjects. I’m able to invite writers on just about anything to share tips for saving money on their area of expertise. There are literally hundreds of personal finance blogs out there – it would be easy to retool your content to pitch one.

But, the concept isn’t limited to money saving ideas. The rest of you just need to be a little more creative.

Do you have a tech blog? Invite writers from blogs on sports, health or entertainment to share how technology improves their industry. Are you a realtor? Pitch an article on simple ways to spruce up a room to an interior design blog.

Putting a little extra thought & creativity into your content can help you find just the right opportunity. It will expand your online network or expose your own ideas to a completely new audience, which is more likely to result in traffic back to your own site.

Heather Sokol is a married mother of 3 active girls who create several, miscellaneous mom jobs and provide blog fodder on a daily basis. She’s raising them on a budget & sharing her secrets to help others live inexpensively.

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