I have been (guest) blogging on guest blogging (I do know it sounds funny) quite a lot, so I decided to compile the most useful advice I have ever given into an eBook.

It’s the first draft – I plan to update it regularly with more useful tips and resources, so please subscribe to this blog (or to comments to this post), to keep track of new versions going live.

It was initially planned as a separate product but I never had time to develop it. However I will make sure to create updates and regular improvements.

The eBook is free and you do not need to register or subscribe to anything to get it. Just download it here and enjoy!

I am looking for your feedback as I’d really to turn this ebook into something truly useful. I also hope to foster our *high-quality* approach to guest blogging with it, so help me by spreading the word!

Thanks for checking it out!

*Download Your Free Copy of Guest Blogging eBook Here*

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

35 Responses to “Free Guest Blogging eBook!”

  1. CommissionDomination

    Ann, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for giving away this ebook for free. I look forward to reading this book and applying methods mentioned in it to profit from guest blogging.

  2. Flodner

    That book is very nice, especially it is necessary for the newbies.
    You can even sell this book, or make it free for MBG community and paid for the others

  3. Real Estate Guy

    Thanks for providing this for free. When I understand more of this I might have more feedback, but still appreciate all of the information on blogging and what drives it.

  4. Web Design Florida

    Thanks to share free guest blog book, guest blogging is good technique to generate traffic and back link so it is helpful for those who don't know anything about guest blogging or for people who are beginner in this blogging industry.

  5. Samuel Hounkpe

    Thanks for your work Ann, i think that guest-blogging is the smoothest way to spread “love” and get backlinks.
    WShat avout a french option on myblogguest?

  6. JohnS

    Thank you for the book. You are right, guest blogging can help a blog a lot, but nowadays, the big websites get so many requests for guest blogging, and I’m sure they reject over 90%. So, my question is this: how to stand up if you’re in a big crowd?

  7. Coredore

    Well, the book is perfect for folks who are just starting this business. Of course, time change and old strategies must be updated in order to remain relevant. Nonetheless, I recommend it.

  8. Michael

    Thanks for the Ebook it will come in very handy. Didn’t realise what is involved.
    Thanks again a great resource 🙂

  9. Joe Beluga

    I have have recently become interested in guest blogging and did not realize that it is such a large industry. Thank you for your free resource.

  10. Scipher

    I was reading the other day that wordpress (a blogging platform) is powering a huge part of the internet. I guess your book is the bible for folks who are entering this online venture…

  11. Chang

    I have just downloaded your 40 page eBook. Something interesting and useful to read. I am yet to try guest blogging. Thanks for sharing it.



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