Here we go again with #myblogguest series “Stop whining and get real traffic!”. This is our fifth Twitter chat in the series.

The first four were: DON’T depend on Google (we love Google traffic but we don’t focus on it; that’s what Google wants!), the truth about web traffic and traffic tool – Viral Content Buzz and getting traffic with screenshots!

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Today we’ll talk about eBooks or digital books and how to use them to build your content marketing empire and generate traffic!

[Disclaimer: The purpose is to provide the easiest possible way to create and promote eBooks. I realize the sky is your limit here and you can spend years to write and design an outstanding digital book. That’s NOT what this chat is about. Instead, it targets newbies who just want to try creating a digital book while giving something really useful to their followers and spread the word!]

Write an eBook: Ideas

1. Re-package your old (guest) articles in a well-organized document. Example

2. Invite contributors or interviewees + get their help to promote it when it’s ready. Example

Create an eBook Easily: Tools!

3. I use Google Docs (it generates cool clickable table of contents as well) + this tool to turn it into the pdf (easy!)

4. Creating a cool cover is important (Don’t underestimate the first impression!). Try this template (free) or this tool (first cover is free)

Promote an eBook

5. Use MyBlogGuest books gallery. Case study

How I Got My eBook Reviewed for Free by Dozens of Bloggers (#MyBlogGuest Case Study)

6. Pick best quotes and create a stunning deck. Example

7. Pick best quotes from your eBook and create a new article listing “bite-size” tips. Example

8. Use ViralContentBuzz to promote your eBook. Note: Moderators won’t allow the direct download link, so make sure you write a great intro article allowing to download your eBook. Example

9. Conduct a Twitter interview with your digital book contributors (it can be a series or one-time chat that would also brand your book hashtag!). Read more about here.

10. Add an eBook to your registration or newsletter sign-up form for more leads! Example

eBook promote

Are there any other eBook promotion tips you can share?

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