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Last week we were talking about Google Authorship; here’s the recap:

We are very excited to see Google Authorship adopted on MyBlogGuest because that will be a huge step forward to high-quality authentic content.

Now, let’s see how Google Authorship will work on MyBlogGuest:

How does Google Authorship works on MyBlogGuest:

From now on, our publishers will have an ability to access the original work of “verified” authors through MyBlogGuest:

This about the unlimited possibilities that may mean to your website: These can become your ultimate source of connections, verified content and on-going contributions!

*We are willing to give free accounts to people who want to guest post with verified authors because we want to connect platforms with real people. Tweet to me @seosmarty or email seosmarty AT gmail to apply*

How to verify your Google Authorship on MyBlogGuest?

Since we can only moderate and control the gallery, Authorship is currently supported for PRO members only. Here’s how it works:

If you are a PRO member, you can see a new option when hovering over your menu: “Authorship Info”:

Authorship Info

This option brings you to the section where you can claim your authorship. For that we’ll need:

  • [Required] Author’s full name (the way it is stated on your Google Plus account)
  • [Required] Gravatar verified email (please read more here): We’ll encourage publishers to create separate contributor’s accounts for you
  • [Required] A link to your Google Plus profile (it will be included in each of your articles in the gallery with ?rel=author at the end)
  • [Optional] Your photo: Some themes require separate photos…

Provide the above information and click “Publish” (we’ll review and approve your status within a day). We need to review just to make sure everything is correctly set-up.

Approved authorship information

(You’ll be notified when it is approved).

Please mind that this will be reflected on ALL your articles in the gallery so make sure all your articles come from the same author. As soon as you have your authorship verified, each of your articles in the gallery will *automatically* include “By NAME” (NAME will be linked to your Google Plus account with ?rel=author already in the link) in your byline:

Verified profile

Don’t forget to link to the domains you are contributing to from Google Plus / Contributor section

What are the benefits of MyBloGuest Authorship Feature

(Verified authors will get more exposure in the Articles Gallery)

Having verified authorship will give you a huge boost in the gallery:

1. Your articles in the gallery will have your photo and verified status:

Verified author in the gallery

2. There’s a separate filter for verified authors’ articles (I’d suggest publishers keep an eye: These are real gems!)

New filter in the gallery

3. It will encourage your approved publisher to create a separate contributor account for you (This means you’ll be able to contribute more in the future no matter if you keep your PRO account with us or not):

separate contributor account for verified authors

Throughout the next months we are going to slowly and carefully grow this feature as well as our other features focusing on high-quality *editorial* SEO-free guest blogging: #MyBlogGuest Elite Articles and #MyBlogGuest Articles Requests for Publishers (as well as Article Requests for authors)

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

7 Responses to “Google Authorship is Now Supported (and Encouraged) at #MyBlogGuest”

  1. Ralf Skirr

    I wonder if we will see a rise in fake g+ profiles for all the Jacks, and Jills, and Johns in mbg bylines? 🙂
    It’s a great decision that one MBG profile can have only one verified author! Now authors who want to use it can not create 100 personas for their articles anymore.

    • Ann Smarty

      Yes, we will but they will be easier to weed since a responsible publisher will actually check the G+ page (and possible befriend as well)

  2. Emory Rowland

    I’m glad to see this, just one question, Ann, regarding:

    “Please mind that this will be reflected on ALL your articles in the gallery so make sure all your articles come from the same author.”

    I have lots of different authors under my current account. I don’t want to claim credit for their works. What can I do to prevent that, set up a new account under my name? Thanks.

  3. Ashok Goyal

    But I can not see Authorship Information link to be edited in My Menu at My Blog Guest. I have already connected my MBG Profile with Real Google+ Profile under social settings.


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