There has been some discussion as to whether Google likes guest posting. Although some guest posters deny it, and guest posting can be done to leverage traffic and promote brand as well as for SEO, there’s little doubt that for some people at least the goal is to manipulate search engine rankings.

And that, in theory at least, is a definite no no for Google.

When manipulation can help.

Of course, as one of my favourite SEOs, Ross Hudgeons, has pointed out, manipulation is only a bad thing when it disrupts the user experience.

And I’d argue that guest posting does the opposite of that.

If Google has done its work right in the first place, the blogs and websites whose links count will be quality blogs and websites, and therefore only accept quality guest posts.

The bloggers and webmasters who can afford to pay for/are talented enough to produce great content will also be able to afford to pay for/be talented enough to produce great content for their own website.

In many cases the search battle is already being lost, with websites/blogs with great content losing out against sites with large numbers of spammy links. The last thing Google needs to do is penalise those who can and do produce good content.

What if I’m wrong?

I could be wrong, of course.

Because if Google didn’t like guest posts, there would be no point in saying it didn’t like it. That would just drive the practice underground. Sneaky links would be placed in the body of content instead of politely being placed in the footer as they usually are now, and guest blogs would be disguised as run-of-the-mill content.

And by the way, this is not a guest post, my name is not James Dunworth and I don’t also work for The Disabled Shop :)

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14 Responses to “Google, Guest Blogging and SEO”

  1. Zack

    Good point! I think if it is done tastefully and not spammy (ie- lots of keyword links throughout the copy and all content is original and quality) then guest blogging is good anyway you slice it, even in Google's eyes.

  2. shanegenziuk

    Like your post, and hope that it is the case that quality is rewarded with improved returns. It seems fair that way, otherwise its a mess being made by bullies.

  3. Tristan

    Hahaha. I loved this: "And by the way, this is not a guest post, my name is not James Dunworth and I don’t also work for The Disabled Shop."

    I like how you said that if someone can produce great content for someone else's blog, they can definitely do so on their own blog. Great point, James, and thanks for the intriguing reading.

  4. Charlotte Walker

    Great post! You are spot on.

    Isn't great content what it's all about? If SEO's are producing great content that is useful, relevant and enriches the experience for the user then Google should be rewarding that rather than penalising it.

  5. djfunkyslick

    Awesome post! I think for those that respect link locations for guest posts then it is a win/win situation. And our first goal is to write for our readers and then the search engines. I have also met some great people through guest posting. Loved the ending James!


  6. Thomas

    It is my belief that Guest Posting is the next wave of link building. Its the new article distribution. The benefits are anchor text links from Authoritative websites in your niche. Which is exactly the kinds of backlinks Google is looking for!

  7. Rohan

    I agree with you James, the thought of google not liking guest posts itself is wrong on googles part since blogging is a community thing and its in no way a manipulation tactic.
    They have already done enough damage to the internet with their guidelines for fast loading sites with less images and less javascript. so basically they want a plain white website with source code that looks like MY WEBSITE . As a thumb rule and a very perfect irony, if we optimize anything for the search engines then we make it simply put,- Unreadable for real people!
    It seems like the search engines are the ones who are trying to manipulate a lot of things . If they are so full of virtue then they should get a better algorithm to hunt sites with spammy links so the web is a cleaner place to be!

  8. steven papas

    LOL, I liked your ending James. Guest posting is my main linking strategy and I focus on quality rather than quantity. I appreciate that bloggers accept my posts so I offer them something good in return.

  9. Best SEO and SMO

    All I know is that Google loves content and links, as long as guest blogging supports these two major factors in Google search engine, then Google will definitely love guest blogging. By doing so you're off to a good start in SEO.

  10. Martijn

    Google seems to love my guestposts, all of them. Even if they don't, should I care? I get direct clicks from the blogs and a piece of satisfaction of sharing something useful with others. At the end of the day, that's all I really need .

  11. julie desiree

    I love the fact that you brought up and had the guts to approach the fact that some should be talented enough to stand on thier own work. Thanks for the content of your article.

  12. web design la

    Few days ago i had read about Google hypocrisy and seeing to this i think it is not good to tell anything about Google. Because Google often says that we are very strict against paid link but in Google chrome hypocrisy the picture is completely changed. So, i don't know Google loves Guest blogging nevertheless i do and it benefits me.

  13. Queen_Mom

    A lot of my content comes from very talented guest bloggers.

    However, I don't accept and post just anything that people send me, rather I am very conscientious about what type of content my blog's demographics would want to read and only post content that is relevant to my niche. Guest blogging is good for both sides, if it is done right, the guest blogger gets a link to their site of choice in their bio (which is a common courtesy in the first place) and the owner of the blog doesn't have to write a relevant, informative, exciting or enlightening post for that day.

    The great thing about guest bloggers, if you choose your writers well and set standards for them, is that they can come up with topics that you may never have thought about and, from what I've experienced, will work hard to create unique, relevant and excellent content – and edit, if necessary – as long as you have set the bar for your blog.

    Make sure that that any guest blogger has spent some time reading your blog and have a good understanding of what your readers like.

    I have found, as a mother of 7 who works full time at home, amidst caring for the children, working, and maintaining my blog that I've worked so hard to establish – not to mention, writing and publishing my new book, Review Bloggers: Get Flooded with Review & Giveaway Sponsor Products, out on Kindle now and coming out in paperback soon, I don't have the time every day to sit down and compose great content for Mommy Rantings.

    My opinion? Guest bloggers rock!

    You are in charge of what type of content you post on your blog. If you're publishing great content, who cares where the author links to? Google isn't yet smart enough to have filters that truly judge what is great content and what isn't, because I still see a ton of junk on the Internet, and (let me just say) most of it isn't from guest bloggers.



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