Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!This week during our weekly #myblogguest Twitter chat we have had a  fun experiment: real-time group content ideas brainstorming in various niches! That was a fun play with some interesting ideas we have come up with:

Psychology -> “XX Twitter Tricks To Help You Recover From A Bad Day”

African ?rum (retailer) -> “XX Youtube Videos that Teach You Play African Drums”

Photocopier Rental -> “XX Funny Copyright Lawsuits”

The Conclusions?

Let’s try to sum up how we can come up with some killer, interesting and *popular* guest ideas to write a killer guest post (See the full Twitter chat storified here!)!

  • Know what’s hot now: at least for a year or two the following topics have never stopped working: Twitter, iPhone (apps), Facebook, Google, Infographics, Cool Lists, etc. So to brainstorm, just combine your niche word with any / all of this: Search google: [KEYWORD iphone apps] [KEYWORD youtube] [KEYWORD infographics] => lots of inspiration
  • Combine what you like with what readers seem to love (simply-put, refocus your content to your target audience!). You still want to be on-topic and relevant to what you are good at: so learn to combine your expertise with what you are good and knowledgeable at!
  • Use any opportunity to brainstorm! => Example from our most awesome moderator: “Some of my best ideas come when laughing with my family. A quip & then, “I should tweet that..” Turns into an article.”
  • Get creative and broaden your scope outside your niche while still being relevant (see the copyrights idea above).

As soon as you have an idea, turn it into a great article: show the effort behind the guest post by including images, great and relevant external links as well as links to previous articles on a target blog.

Great idea + Publisher’s appreciation => Guest post almost always goes live!

Next Week!

Content marketing and re-focusing can be discussed for ages. No wonder we didn’t manage to do it within one hour. So next week we decided to invite some of our MyBlogGuest best authors to ask them how they do it! Nothing works better than real-life examples and lessons.

So stay tuned for the next week! The guests will be announced later!

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