Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!The Articles Gallery is one of the most popular tools built within MyBlogGuest.

It’s also a unique tool you’ll find nowhere else.

Today’s Twitter chat has been dedicated to the Articles Gallery and how you can make the most of it!

1. The Articles Gallery Intro

The point of the Articles Gallery is simple: people have extra articles they don’t know where they want to put at, so they put them in the gallery for the blog owners to come and offer their blogs t publish them.

As a result: free and easy content for your website for the publishers and free exposure for the authors. Mutual win!

2. The Articles Gallery for the Publishers

Here’s a pretty detailed and very personal case study of the blog owner using the gallery.

Basically, you:

  • Login and browse the gallery;
  • You can subscribe to new articles via email;
  • You can preview and article;
  • If you think you the articles looks good, offer your blog to publish it for free
  • Once / if your offer is accepted, you can see the article in full
  • As soon as you do, you can publish it and provide the link to the published article’
  • If you don’t like the article, you can reject it. It’s *always* up to you!

It’s always up to the author which blog to choose and it’s always to the publisher if they want to use the content!

3. The Articles Gallery for the Guest Author

As the guest author: you need to realize than guest blogging for the gallery is different than guest blogging for a specific blog.

To get more offers in the gallery, you need to re-focus your content to the majority (provide popular content for more offers).

Your idea should be unique and your title should be catchy – this is the only way you’ll get offers. This DOESN”T work that way. The blogger needs to WANT your article to offer for it! Here are some tips from the SEOgadget team to make your articles stand out in the gallery. And of course, @erocketSEO is the best at coming up with cool unique article ideas!

More ways to attract more attention to your articles in the gallery:

  • Use a few great TAGS. Those who do use tags, WIN as mods use tags to mas-suggest!
  • If you seem to get too little love, try tweaking the title or changing the

4. MyBlogGuest Direct

That’s life. Sometimes even great articles get ignored (bad timing, poor luck, etc). For these articles we have DIRECT system. It’s still unloved and needs some major updates but it’s quite usable.

DIRECT system hides some cool features for publishers: e.g. search for “Articles published” to find most active publishers! Or see the “Last login” date to send you article to the recently active publishers.

Here are more cool tips on finding a good host through MyBlogGuest DIRECT:

Next Thursday at 11 a.m. EDT / 3 p.m. GMT we’ll talk about using cool images in your guest posts to make them more attractive and viral-worthy! We’ll also talk about using images without breaking any copyrights!

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