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Everyone is talking about guest blogging now to the extent that we start missing the actual point of the whole thing, i.e. guest blogging is building relationships through creating and exchanging great content.

Thus guest blogging is one of the most powerful content marketing tactics: It’s about bringing your content in front of the new audience for more exposure and feedback.

Moreover, because guest blogging forces you to target different-niche bloggers, it teaches you to get immensely creative. It educates you as a content marketer and teaches you to brainstorm and brainstorm a lot.


Expand Your Topics: Brainstorm!

Guest blogging in general (and #myblogguest in particular) makes you look outside of the box and search for more creative topics. Since you have to target bloggers and content *they* will find interesting and entertaining enough, you are forced to become more flexible and creative in your content strategy.

We have talked a lot about targeting bloggers more effectively and brainstorming previously and it’s worth bringing up those old chats now:

Tools for Brainstorming

Request content ideas

All #myblogguest PRO members have @seosmarty as a tool through our private thread “{PRO CONTENT} Need Content Ideas to Get More Offers? Ask Here” Please be sure to read it as it has accumulated lots of ideas for lots of topics now. And yes, feel free to request ideas for yours!

We also have brainstorming help section within our Google Plus communityjoin it now!

Use the brainstorming dashboards

  • Both Pinterest search and Quora search have been very useful for me. There are cool ideas for any topics!
  • @SEOgadget shared their own spreadsheet you can copy and use for your topics.
  • My recent favorite tool has been Advanced Google Suggest tool that digs Google suggest results a few levels deeper and gives you lots of cool ideas (that people search). I’ve been using it a lot for content ideas thread lately. Here’s one example for “home theater” keyword for example:

(I love the “home theater art” one for example. It can be turned into an absolutely awesome list with lots of cool images)

google suggest tool

Bottom Line

If you consider yourself a content marketer (or want to become you), you must try guest blogging because there’s no better way to get creative, flexible and educated. By targeting different kinds of blogs and audiences, you discover new content opportunities. It’s an eye-opening experience you can’t afford to miss!

Next week (same time, same day) we’ll talk about my favorite topic and one of the most effective content marketing tactics: Content re-packaging. We’ll discover best ways to recycle your guest posts the “proper way”: one that will benefit both you and your publisher. Stay tuned!

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