We have great news today! Finding and publishing great guest posts has never been easier! MyBlogGuest.com is proud to present the first release of our guest blogging WordPress plugin:

*To use the plugin, you need to register a free account at MyBlogGuest.com, add and verify your blogs.*

*Please mind that the plugin is still in alpha. There will be many updates to come, so please comment here with your feature requests!*

Here’s the quick guide:

Step 1: Install and activate MyBlogGuest WordPress plugin

For that, please go: My Menu – > Add / Edit Sites and Tags

There, click “WordPress” icon next to the blog where you want to install it.

Mind that you’ll need to download a new version of the plugin for each of your blogs because each time new Authentication information is being generated and downloaded together with the plugin

Now, go to your blog dashboard and upload the plugin using WordPress “Add a new plugin” interface. After that, activate the plugin

Step 2: Browse the Articles Gallery right inside your blog dashboard

Once the plugin is installed, you can browse the unique guest articles right from inside your blog dashboard. You can browse the gallery by category or tags. Mind that all the articles here are unique, so you can apply to use any of them!

Browse the gallery

You can preview each article.

preview guest article

Once you come across something that looks good, click “Make offer” and enter your comment.

"Make offer" and enter your comment

Send the offer and keep browsing.

Your offer will be sent to MyBlogGuest author who will review it.

Step 3: Review and publish

If the author decides to approve your offer, you will get a status update right to your blog dashboard. It will be in red, below your dashboard header.

Clicking the link in the update will bring you to your “Pending publication” section. There you can Import the article to your drafts with one click of a mouse! No copying and pasting

Import the article to your drafts

Now visit your guest post draft, review it and publish if you like it!

Step 4: Inform the author of the new status!

Don’t forget this step: Once you publish the article, click this link to inform the author of the new status.

Inform the guest author

The author is sure to be so happy!

Plugin courtesy of 3 Door Digital and our own development team. Check out my interview at 3 Door Digital blog.

Update: Plugin Feedback so Far

Our users are pretty much excited as well! There were a few instances when the plugin won’t work (mostly, hosting setup issues or other plugin issues), so we are collecting data now for the next release!

Here’s what people say:

  • It’s been downloaded and used already! Looks awesome Ann, very, VERY, nice idea! Hopefully I get more offers accepted 😉 James
  • This is great to have the MyBlogGuest WordPress Plugin.I have already installed it in my blog. I have also published one article about this release.
  • Another thorough review from the happy user: Search for Guest Posts and Publish with Ease via the MyBlogGuest Plugin
  • OMG. I rarely comment on things like this but I just ‘had’ to write to tell you what a brilliant idea this is – truly innovative in an online world that’s full of so-called good ideas that simply aren’t. This Plugin will save me so much time and will give my readers fresh content from some great writers. Mark
  •  First of all – I LOVE IT!  Very much needed.  However, the one thing I would love to have is the word count in the plugin page.  I won’t offer on any article below 500 words. Mark

TO-DO List:

  • Author names in the table should be the link to their profiles on MBG (opening in a new window)
  • Add number of words in the overall table of the results and preview
  • (We have asked many times about this one already): “One thing I think would be important is a note to say that you have made an offer against the posts that you do.”
  • Handle image attachments. Authors may have images attached to the articles. They upload them to MBG server. Is there any way to import them as well? Maybe even re-host them on the blog?
  • (?) Plugin compatibility. Some people using SEO plugins (like All In One SEO) are asking to import the author’s meta description as welldd number of words in the overall table of the results and preview
  • Add the ability to rate authors
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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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  1. odumag

    After downloading from your site and installing in my site, I get an update message. Will it be wise to update, as I am afraid there was a message that the plugin will work only for my site. Will updating the plugin keep the things intact?

  2. Ashok Goyal

    It is amazing. I visited MyBlogGuest after a big gap. I installed the WP plug in and made the offer through plug in. It worked perfectly.


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