Last week we were talking about guest blogging bylines: That should be interesting, unique, non-promotional and describe a human being behind the content. Of course, obviously, we understand that brainstorming a byline is not as easy as it may seem.

Today’s Twitter chat aims at making your job easier: It will give you some clues to what should be included in the byline and how to make it cool.

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Usual components of a good byline:

  • Your name
  • Your profession and company (or project or book)
  • Any extra details that make the byline interesting and unique. Tip: Use details to better relate your byline to the guest article (to make it one whole piece).
  • Your social media profiles to show *you* outside your content.

Some examples to get inspired:

1. Soft self-promotion

Just quick and simple: Provide your basic expertise, career details, social media account.

Formula: NAME is POSITION at COMPANY providing SERVICE in COUNTRY. You can follow NAME’s personal and business ramblings at @TWITTER


byline example

2. Extended

Like the above but add a tried “When I am not working, I…” trick:

Formula1: NAME is POSITION at COMPANY providing SERVICE. When NAME is not doing HOBBY1, he is doing HOBBY2. You can follow NAME’s personal and business ramblings at @TWITTER



… Or add your hobby, past experience or education details.

Formula2: NAME is POSITION at COMPANY providing SERVICE. In his free time, NAME does HOBBY. She graduated from COLLEGE

Example and example

3. *Creative* Self Promotion

Just get creative: Some bylines sound like poems!

Formula: NAME is dreamer, traveller and artist. She works on BOOK. Track her dreams on her extra-ordinary Tumblr blog.


byline example

4. Motto

Do you have some wise phrases you keep repeating (and which never fail to make the right impression)? Feel free to include them in the byline!

Formula: NAME is HOBBYIST. MOTTO in life


byline example

5. “The real you”

Describe your life, what you do and who you are (makes sense especially in family-, psychology- and self-improvement-related articles – where your life experience proves that you know what you are talking about).

Formula: NAME is FAMILY ROLE(s), author and blogger at SITE. When at home he/she love HOBBIES. His/Her kids NAME1 and NAME2 usually keep him/her from writing blog articles. Her/His SPOUSE is PROFESSION…


byline example

More Resources to Get Inspired

A guest post byline is like your Twitter bio (albeit it’s longer and should be original in each article.) But looking at creative Twitter bylines will definitely help you brainstorm multiple cool guest post bylines:

Creative Twitter bio

Now Your Turn! Do You Have Good Examples?


More examples:

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  1. Betsy Talbot

    Thanks for using my latest byline as an example. I like to have fun with mine and change it up for every guest post I do. Next time I’m going to try @manifestcon’s format. Thanks for the great ideas!


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