I finally had some time over the weekend to compile our fifth round-up of guest posts arranged through MyBlogGuest.

We are over 3000 now and we are turning into a great community – get enrolled!

So here are the posts:

Organization: The Key to Savings (at Inexpensively): congrats to Nicola of Live Well For Less who has also found a home and joined the blog as the featured blogger. MyBlogGuest can do that too!

Follow Friday: You’re Doing It Wrong! (at Sexy Social Media): Heather Sokol sounds very convincing sharing her way to recommend a person on #FollowFriday at Twitter. Let’s get rid of #FF spam!

College Jobs That Work For You (at Say Campus Life): Sarah Harris of Zen College Life contributes an article about jobs college students can do while class is in session. Not your typical mocha latte making jobs either!

Green Living – It’s not Just for Celebrities Anymore (at The Positive Life): Tara Go Green Street claims that green living is mainstream now and you should join the world to help your bottom line and the environment.

How To Test Your Own Cholesterol (at Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips): Robyn Schelenz, a blogger for Home Health Testing, shares a very easy-to-follow health tip you may want to have bookmarked.

Top Five in-Flight Health Picks (at Jet Venue): Haylee Hulme shares a well-researched article with some great references included.

The Anatomy of the Long Tail Search (at Idaconcpts): Ben Hook of Navaro explains what the long tail is and how to capture it.

How Can Freelancers Find Affordable Health Insurance Coverage? (at MatthewKeegan.com) Erinn Springer contributed a very helpful, informative article about health insurance options for freelancers.

Writing Lessons You Need to Ignore if You Want Readers: James Dunworth of ecigarettedirect shares a very-well written post on everything that we have to unlearn before we can write things which people actually want to read.

3 Reasons OnStar Must Improve In Order To Survive (at Auto Trends): Jason Lancaster of TundraHeadquarters.com shares some treat for geeks.

Battling Big Brother: The Story of the Electronic Cigarette (at DoFollo-net): Jason shares yet another interesting story shedding some light at the e-cigarette topic.

Sex, Death, Money and 7 Other Reasons the Electronic Cigarette Should be Banned (at MakeTheList): Do you like busting the myths? Then this post will appeal to you!

BP Directing All Brand Traffic to Oil Spill Relief Info (at e-Quick Tips): Jeff of The Supplies Guys shares an interesting case study worth checking out.

If Your WordPress Blog Isn’t Running These SEO Plugins, You’ve Messed Up (at Webmaster Format): David Fishman of Response Mine shares some must-use WordPress plugins.

You Don’t Need a Facebook Fan Page (at WebTraffic ROI): you probably know why you may need a FB fan page – here are some argument why you may not!

Five Reasons to Eat Organic (via Ryan Chaffin): Mandi Titus of @ Vermont and Mandi Munches offers some very solid argument convincing us to start eating organic.

Leverage Your Publicity Into Professional Speaking Profits (at BestProfessionalSpeaking.com): Pam Lontos of www.prpr.net shares five tips for using your publicity to get you hired.

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