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They say Google Plus hasn’t really taken off. They say no one is really using it except for SEOs…

I don’t know; it may be true but for content marketers and (guest) authors it’s an invaluable tool!

Using Google Plus you can:

1. Grow Your Google Plus Author Page Power

It’s a fact that a powerful Google Plus profile is one of the most effective ways to get high rankings. Yes, don’t look surprised and read this (by @marktraphagen)


  • {Very simply put} Google treats your Google Plus profile page as a regular page: The more references it gets, the higher-authority it is
  • Both internal and external references work for growing your power
  • For internal references, the most efficient way to get your profile page linked is to be “tagged” by other people (read: Grow your community, engage, get cited).

Further reading: Take a look at how Google Plus uses internal nofollow to get your page meaningful citation flow:

Google Plus internal nofollow

  • For external references, Google Authorship is your most efficient way to go! It will both digitally-sign your article and earn your profile page some external inbound links!

Note: MyBlogGuest supports Google Authorship, so you can use our platform to grow your Google Plus profile inbound power!

Approved authorship information

One more note: Have you set your G+ custom / vanity URL? Then things got complicated for you. Now all internal references / citations STILL go to your numeric URL while it is being 302 redirected to your URL (That basically means the custom URL is NOT getting any link juice AT ALL unless you link to it directly externally. What it means no one knows yet. I for one keep using my numeric URL and thinking :))

G+ numeric URL

Tool: This awesome tool by @Virante lets you check your current Authorship rank (let’s not call it AuthorRank yet to avoid misinterpretation).

Google Authorship rank

While using MyBlogGuest to build your author profile up, you can check this tool back regularly to monitor how you are progressing. We are looking to implement it into MyBlogGuest as well!

2. Make the Most of Your Picture and Cover Photo

We have talked a lot about how important it is to pick a good Author picture to enjoy the benefits of Google Authorship and rich snippets.

But apart from Google Authorship, your picture should also work for your branding.


3. Befriend Your Content Promoters: Tools!

It’s very exciting to see those cool helpful tools being developed. Here are the two I can’t recommend enough:

Both the tools will *meaningfully* grow your network and get you cited by other Google Plus users!

Now, the last but certainly not the least: Join and participate in relevant Google Plus communities. That’s another very powerful way to grow your network and (page) authority on Google Plus.

Here are two that a must:

Happy networking and guest blogging! See you next week, Thursday, December 12, to discuss how to make the most of screenshots to make your guest post undeniable 🙂

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