Fact: We seek recurring contributors because “recurring” means constant stream of free quality content as well as all sorts of additional benefits (contributors bring their personal brands and communities to your site!). Also, regular contributors start feeling themselves at home and feel even more willing to promote your blog, participate in comments and attract more interaction.

We would love to offer a silver bullet here saying, hey! come to our site and you’ll find lots of free returning contributors in a week!

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work that way…

Blog<->contributor relations are almost match made in heaven…

There’s no easy way to build the solid community of returning contributors easily or quickly. That’s continuous work that pays back in tons.

#MyBlogGuest can help you in many aspects!

(Make sure you check our previous chat on making the most of #myblogguest as the publisher)

Again, this will only work for those who want it to work but we have tools and resources to help you scale and gradually build things up!

1. Add favorite writers to MBG friends

Invite to friends

“Friend requests” is one of our under-utilized features even though it’s very useful! Here’s what it offers:

  • If you “Subscribe“, you’ll be emailed each time your “friends” publish articles to the gallery (so you can re-invite them to your blog by making an offer)
  • You can actually email all your friends on the list inviting them to contribute another article (Needless to say, don’t overdo with this feature ;))

Invite to friends

2. Bookmark “Verified authors” link

Drag and drop this link in the browser bookmarks bar: Google-verified authors’ articles

New filter in the gallery

This is the collection of MBG writers who have verified their authorship in Google – which means additional positive SEO value for your site. But on top of that, each time your offer to a verified article is accepted, you’ll be prompted to create a separate contributor account within your blog wp-admin which means a new solid contributor:

separate contributor account for verified authors

Later on, you’ll be able to re-invite all your contributors from within your blog using aweber or mailchimp. For now, you can use verified author section to build up the user-base (I bet many of them will want to contribute more than once!).

3. Set the reminders to re-invite your current contributors: Watchlist

Watchlist is our guest blogging to-do manager. It tracks who you are keeping an eye on and collects all the in-site communication.

watchlist alert

How it could work for recurring contributions: Whenever your offer is approved and you like what you got, set the tool to remind you to follow up with the user in a month to invite him/her back to contribute more for you!

4. General tips: Be friendly and social

  • Be a good host: People will want to contribute if you treat them well. Thank your contributors in the public comments, tag them in Google plus shares and tweets; make sure they know they are appreciated
  • Keep in touch with your contributors. I’d recommend setting up a separate Twitter list or Google Plus circle for people who contribute for your site and keep an eye on what they share. Just a random comment or re-share will remind them of you and your blog and will help build long-term relationships.

Remember your blog is one of millions of sites on the web. Making it a home for someone is tough, so get prepared to work hard! The good thing is that you’ll be able to build a solid following, brand awareness and community underway!

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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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