There’s a steady rumor that accepting guest contributions might negatively impact the blog quality. Here’s the truth: It’s not guest posting; it’s how you do it, dummy 🙂

Most of the hugest blogs you know enjoy (regular) contributors from guests on a weekly basis; and that’s the major reason why they grew so big: Free contributions allow them to have lots of great content daily without huge investments.

Can you name a couple of examples of such blogs? Just from top of your mind!


Now, those huge blogs were small once. They grew *together* with their contributors… But how did they start? Or better question would be “How you, as a medium-size blogger, can get big together with your contributors

  • Step 1: Install our guest blogging plugin. It makes it *extremely* easy to publish guest posts. Don’t forget to publish your own content (Here are some cool and easy content ideas for you to spice up your blog)
  • Step 2: Don’t just publish guest posts: Invite your favorite authors back (Read: How to find regular contributors using MyBlogGuest)
  • Step 3: Take your blog and your contributors seriously…

Now, while we discussed Step 1 and Step 2 previously, let’s stop for a minute and see what Step 3 entails (and some examples):

Take your blog and your contributors seriously…

1. Use checklists and editorial calendars.

In mid summer we empowered our publishers with two cool checklist features:

  1. You can create your own list of requirements within Articles Requests feature and promote it throughout the site using “permalink”
  2. You can set up your checklist for all Direct submissions (authors will have to check each point which hopefully make them read closely what you are looking for)

Direct checklist

Additionally, I have a checklist on formatting articles within WordPress for you to download.

Also, if you have an editorial calendar, feel free to use MBG follow-up reminders and Watchlist features to make sure your planned contributors are on time.

2. Take it: Your blog is one of millions that exist on the web; Make it the major destination for your contributors by giving them increased visibility (share and tag them everywhere)

Featured publisher: @ldylarke is usually very passionate about promoting her contributors and giving the public credit:

Good example of promoting guest contributions

3. Stop complaining on your contributors not participating: That’s your blog, so try and nurture the discussion yourself!

Featured publisher: @patweber and featured example of the awesome discussion on a guest post: Tools to manage lists

Last but not least: Stop thinking about yourself as a host and your contributors as guests. Change the mindset. Think about them as a team that will bring your site to the next level. It’s all about joint forces. It’s all about not being alone any more!

That’s the bare minimum of maintaining high quality and growing together with your contributors. Please share your own tips and tricks!

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