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eBooks, or digital books, are one of the most efficient content marketing and content re-packaging methods:

  • eBooks open your content for offline reading (with tablets and smartphones on the rise, that’s especially essential)
  • eBooks, thus, let your customers take your brand with them (on the plane or vacation). Your readers are more likely to remember and return to your site if they have your eBook on their digital shelf
  • eBook marketing is fun and easy: You have Amazon kindle, iBooks, etc to market your book on.
  • Free eBooks are a great link bait (who wouldn’t like a curated list of eBooks like this)
  • eBooks are shared eagerly (especially if you implement “Tweet to download” or a similar trick)

In other words, if you haven’t tried eBook marketing, you are missing out… Especially now that we are introducing a new fun feature for content marketers:

eBook Gallery

eBook gallery lets you bring your eBooks to publishers with the unique description of your own. It works much like the Inforgraphics gallery … only it’s for (e)Books:

  • Upload your (e)Book cover to serve as an image
  • Provide a 200-word-min snapshot of your eBook contents
  • Link to the eBook download / landing page from the “byline”
  • Upload more than one description to find more publishers.
  • Sit back and wait for the offers from bloggers.

eBook gallery

If your eBook is free, we’ll add a cool badge and feature it on top of the gallery.

eBook gallery

The feature is brand new, so don’t expect too much content here but, boy, it’s fun!

  • Get your eBooks featured by blogs YOU choose
  • Control the descriptions that go with your eBooks
  • Get links and clicks to your eBooks page

>>> The gallery is FREE for all publishers. It’s another way to bring some diverse content to your blogs.

>>> To promote your own eBook in the gallery, you’ll need to upgrade to PRO (the feature is included in any PRO plan we have)

How to Create an eBook

I am not a geek and I am sure there are fancier ways to create eBooks… That’s how I’ve done that with moderate success (“moderate” because there is *ALWAYS* a lot of room for improvement):

  • First step: Create the table of contents in Excel or Google Spreadsheet (somehow the spreadsheet makes it easier to structure sub-chapters and sub-points; there’s a room for notes too)
  • Second step: Look at what you have already written (if you are smart enough, you have targeted mostly written content in step 1)
  • Step 3: Write what’s missing (these can be blog posts as well). Write an intro and an conclusion too.
  • Step 4: Compile (copy-paste) all the content in one Google Doc. Beautify a bit to make it consistent.
  • Step 5: Design… All I did was picking a pretty template (here) and creating a cover. You can just create one yourself or use Fiverr to find a $5 vendor.

  • Step 6: Proof read and proof read again
  • Save as a PDF and your cool linkable asset is ready to be promoted!

Save as pdf

Promote Your eBook for Free!

Have you got an eBook you would like us to promote? Write about our new feature on your blog and you’ll get 1-month free access to all our PRO features including the eBooks gallery (just email us, tweet to @myblogguest or post a comment here!).


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Founder at MyBlogGuest
Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

5 Responses to “How to: Promote Your eBooks at #MyBlogGuest Books Category”

  1. Alex Yong

    So once an eBook is taken “out” of the eBook Gallery by a publisher, does that mean no other publisher can embed it?? Or am I totally confused? Thanks. Alex

    • Ann Smarty

      The author can have as many publishers as unique descriptions / reviews / articles the author provides. The main thing is that there’s unique content to go together with eBook promotion…

  2. John

    Looks great, I’ve just uploaded my hotel marketing ebook to the gallery, look forward to seeing what sort of offers it gets. Thanks guys


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