One of the hugest advantages of using My Blog Guest as your guest posting manager is our built-in link tracker. It comes with any PRO account and helps you track your guest posting campaign.

The thing is, none of the blogs that accept guest posts within MyBlogGuest is ours, so we have no 100% control over any. When there’s no full control, there’s always a chance that a blog goes permanently down, the owner stops maintaining it or sells it, the article database gets deleted due to hacker attack or hosting outrage, the links in the articles get deleted because of some new plugins, … you name it!

Since we realize that each article of yours has taken you much time and effort, we have the link tracker that alerts you each time any of your articles is inaccessible or links in it are removed or “nofollowed”

This way we can effectively filter out cheating publishers (those who remove authors’ link over time) or (which is much more common) fix the issue and get your article back up. If the site is permanently down, you can re-use your article after it’s out of Google’s index. Thus, no effort is wasted. We protect and guard your guest blogging efforts.

So How Does Tracker Work?

MyBlogGuest tracker regularly goes through all your articles in “Published” (Completed) section of the Articles Gallery (there’s no Tracker for the Infographic gallery yet).

It will make sure:

  • The guest article is still accessible using the given URL
  • The guest article went live as scheduled (sometimes WordPress “misses schedule” and scheduled articles get lost for ages)
  • Your links in the article are live
  • Your links in the article have no “nofollow” attribute added

If any of the above *seems* broken, you’ll get an email update as well as a direct email message:

email alert

*Please note that this does not mean that there is something wrong with the article: Please check if there are any extra attributes added to the links*

Remember, this is a machine checking: It may be that it could not access that very page at that moment and hence the error was generated. So always check each article manually before getting into panic.

What if the Article/My Link Was Really Removed?

Anything can happen and if you got the above email and really found your article had been changed, the first move is to PM the publisher (we always link to the publisher’s user profile on MyBlogGuest).

Note: Always use our free “Follow up” reminder to be alerted if the publisher hasn’t replied.

guest blogging follow-up reminder

We encourage you to try to solve those problems yourself, NOT because we don’t want to help you. The reason is, we encourage direct interaction with other users of MyBlogGuest because direct interaction builds long-lasting relationships. And we keep insisting that building contacts is the HUGEST benefit of guest blogging and thus our guest blogging community.

When to Contact the Support Team?

Feel free to seek our team’s help if:

  • The publisher hasn’t replied to you for three business days;
  • The publisher is obviously missing out of action (judging on the last login date)
  • The publisher has obviously done something greyish (example: stole your article and published it on another blog without the credit). We want to be very fast to react to those serious cases like that to avoid further damage.

What if My Article is Really Fine?

If you visited the guest post and haven’t found anything wrong with it, go to your “Published (Completed)” folder and locate that article. By hovering over the (!) sign, you’ll see the reason why the machine thought there was anything wrong with the article:

link flag

If you still think your article is fine, click “Re-check automatically”. This will prompt the machine to check the article again:

link flag

If the machine still insists there’s something wrong (this may happen with certain designs and layouts that prevent our scraper from viewing the page properly), click “Approve manually”:

link flag

This will make the machine to mark this article as fine and you’ll see no notifications in the future.

Last but not the least: If you want to enjoy the above tracking features without using the gallery, we have the tracker as a separate product as well: Link tracker.

link tracker

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