Guest Post Push Thursday - MyBlogGuest Twitter chatRight now we have four search options (always planning to merge them but the result turns out to be too complex with too many options).

So the four search options: BLOG search, USER search, FORUM search and TAG search

Blog Search

BLOG search helps you to find sites by:

  • Tag
  • Owner
  • Category

Also, there two useful filters:

Besides that (I know that’s too much already), you can sort results by:

  • Blog power (the combination of Google PR, MozRank and number of pages in Google Index)
  • The number of articles posted from the gallery;
  • User

This complex combination of search options allows for almost the unlimited options. For example, you can search blogs by tag but limit results to those that use the Articles Gallery and even sort them by power (to suggest your article for example).

Tip! Use * after your search term to cover all possible keyword phrases. For example, |seo*| search will return |seo tools|, |seo advice|, |seo tips|, |seo articles|, etc

Blog search

Here’s also the video that explains DIRECT search (works similarly to generic search).

User Search

With User Search you can:

  • Find users by tags (that are attached to their sites)
  • Find the owner of any registered domain;
  • Find most powerful users (our POWER is the combination of each user’s social media scores that include Twitter following, Facebook activity, LinkedIn contacts, etc)
  • Find recently active users:

User search

Forum Search

Forum search is especially useful when you are looking for some specific offers (those that do not completely fall under any of our categories). For example, you can find all offers for |fishing| within “Looking for guests” forum:

Forum search

Tag Search

Tag search is mostly only good for informative purposes, i.e. to find most popular tags on your topic of interest.

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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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