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Re-packaging = turning your (text) content into different types of media or other formats of content. Re-packaging is one of the most effective content marketing tactics. It allows you to:

  • Create more content based on one research
  • Target more diverse social media and content marketing channels
  • Bring up your older content by keep referring to it from your re-packaged versions.

Here are a few tips on re-packaging your guest posts:

*Remember to always link from your repackaged content to the original guest post – that’s the most effective second-tier link building I’ve seen in my life! And your publisher will love you even more!*

1. Create an infographic

2. Create a cheatsheet (more than an image, less than an infographic)

  • Example: If you have collected some data in your guest post, throw it in a table/chart and simply screenshot; for example, this article could become a standalone chart I may re-use in future contribution (like this one)
  • Tools: I am just screenshotting
  • Promote: Embed it in a new article you write or upload to Pinterest as an original image


3. Create an eBook

  • Example: Our own #free guest blogging ebook is the collection of my older guest posts (edited to be original)
  • Tools: I am simply using Google docs and then publish as a PDF file. They have lots of fun templates as well! I am sure there are smarter tools but this is just for the busiest of us. At the end of the day content is what really matters most.
  • Promote: Spoiler: We are developing a tool that will help you promote your eBooks, so start creating one to be able to start promoting as soon as we launch! (hopefully within 1 week)

4. Create a presentation

  • Example: Our very well known rel=publisher versus rel=author I created to sum up one of our chats
  • Tools: I am using PowerPoint but HaikuDeck is an easier and free option!
  • Promote: SlideShare is the easiest viral marketing platform: Just some promotion and it goes to the front page. I did wonders with it by getting some shares from ViralContentBuzz

Re-package into a quote5. Re-package into a quote

  • Example: Links are getting old. Why not do both: a text link + a visual / Pinterest-friendly image quote like I do on @Threadwatch
  • Tools: Lots of quote to image tools. Our SmartPhotoStock can be used for image backgrounds
  • Promote: Just add it to your next article when mentioning your guest post (link on steroids! as it will get more clicks + trigger some social media interest).

Your creativity is your only limit. Above re-packaging tactics are just the few I am using to succeed but there may be many more (comics, video screencasts, etc). Please share your ideas!

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    Hello Ann!
    Good suggestions. Thanks for the update. In my case, your myblogguest idea is simply amazing.
    Long live MBG!
    -Akhil K A


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