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PUSH Thursdays are usually a good point to take a look at our month activity. And this month was a busy one: we

Now let’s give some push to these great articles!

  • How Authentic Blogging Can Help To Improve Your Blog’s Ranking – What I personally love about this post is not only that it is a huge, well-resourced article with lots of naturally fitting citations. It’s also an authentic idea: comparing blogging/guest blogging to something from our real life – that makes the whole concept more natural!

  • Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Date A Heavy Metal Fan – I was totally caught by the title, really! And then enjoyed the post: there are indeed 10 reasons (it happens when titles give numbers just to attract – which was not the case), it’s entertaining and logical in its own way, and images fit the blog theme so nicely.

  • 7 of the Best Picnic Recipes on Pinterest – Pinterest is a never-ending source of inspiration for blogging and guest blogging (in addition to promoting your projects and building connections of course): it’s all in there – just take some time and use your imagination. Here you go – yummy guest post is ready!
  • Feng Shui Your Walls – we have a slight understanding of Feng Shui here at MyBlogGuest, but this word used as a verb makes a real and effective call to action.
  • Leverage Google Webmaster Tools For Domain Name Betterment – topics related to Google could be not scary as well, like this one: honest, simple, and practical review of several webmaster tools there.
  • Top 5 Romantic ‘First Date’ Spots In Canada – Very romantic post 🙂 I wish there were images for each of those spots – they would make it more complete.

  • Eco-Friendly Credit Card Options For Going Green – guest post of this kind can’t be written out of nothing (using imagination and your fingers only) – they require a research which means extra work and efforts from the author’s side, which in its turn make the post more valuable. We always try to include green topics to our PUSH Thursdays and blog posts roundups – especially when they are interconnected with other niches (like finance, cars, or home improvement).
  • A 4-Step Roadmap For Your Business’ Online Success – every business needs a plan (it’s called a roadmap in this post), and it has to be clever because not all clients are zombies…
  • SEO Link Building – Use Your Competitors To Get Ahead – yes, we’ve talked a lot about links, but this article seems worth of our attention today. Analyzing competitors to get where they are and what they have and even more – is an old well-known business tactics. And it could really work for you because there are a lot of competitors on this sphere out there on the web.


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