Tradition is a great thing and, while our guest blogging family is growing, we are now able to feature our guest post round-ups on a more regular basis – monthly, hopefully.

So our very best administrator, Sana, has picked and described the most interesting posts shared by our members.

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business1. Black-out Labels (on Florist SEO): Adam Conner of shares his opinion on using black out labels to streamline product handling approach.

lifestyle2. 6 Best Sites for Virtual Tour (on Katie of Timeshare Secrets makes a list of online resources where you can get and exciting virtual journey.

health3. Tasty Treats for the Diabetic Eater (on American Diabetic Diet): Tom Stansfield of LifeStrength balance wristbands gives some joy for diabetics who suffer not only from this disease but from boring diets as well.

family4. Baby Proofing Your Home and Yard (on How To Wean From Breastfeeding): Quebec resident Jenny Morgan of helps moms to be aware of so many important things to care about when their baby is growing.

home improvement5. Bi fold Doors – Can They Work in My Home? (on some ideas of using this kind of doors in your home and their advantages from

technology6. How to Set Up a Freelance Website in 5 Easy Steps (on Julie Anne Eason from gives explication for each of these 5 steps.

technology7. 5 Proven Tactics To Get More Views on YouTube (on Nitin Aggarwal from shares his ideas with those who are interested in their ‘video promotion’ via YouTube.

health8. Burn Fat While You Sleep Easily (on Joel Mark from proves that if try hard it is really possible to lose weight while sleeping.

technology9. The Power of QR Codes (on more information from Adam Conner of about QR codes that keep getting more and more power.

business10. How to Keep Yourself Going When You Just Feel Like Quitting (on all of us get into such situations from time to time. Michele Allen from knows what to do – it’s simple and everyone can handle it.

business11. What to Put on Your Business Card (on several important business card solutions from Adam Conner of

technology12. Direct Mail versus Social Media Marketing (on Liz Straws of gives you pros and cons, which one to use is up to you.

family13. The Wedding Band in Ancient Cultures (on exciting things you would probably never find out without Tom Moore from

technology14. HTC EVO View Tablet Review (on great review from Cool Gizmo Toys lover Jack Kieffer

lifestyle15. Four Reasons Montreal is a Must-See Vacation Destination (on from Sara Woods of Coupon Croc for those who are still planning their vacation tour.

technology16. Get Started with SEO: 5 Tips (on SEO tips can never be too many; the more you know the more you succeed. 5 more from Darren of

health17. Skin Health All Depends on Sun Exposure (on summer is still here, so let’s not forget about UV protection for our skin. Some tips from Dave of

lifestyle18. Five tips for Choosing a Wedding Guest Outfit (on wedding is important not only for just married, but for you being a guest as well. Professional advice from Mother of the Bride Outfits

technology19. Top Three E-Book Readers (on post about Smashwords, Lulu, and Amazon by Natalie Clive of

technology20. 5 Effective Ways to Make Money from Banner Advertising (on Dhruv Kapoor of shares ideas to approach banner ads effectively.

technology21. SEO Tips for Bloggers: Developing and Implementing your Keyword Strategy (on key points on the basic of your SEO by Gez Hebburn from

family22. Ten Cheap Date Ideas That Won’t Make You Look Like a Cheapskate (on creative approach may save you some money and leave an incredible impression to your date. Ideas by Andrew Kardon from

technology23. How to Write Three Great Posts in One Day (on not sure if Anthony Benedict from wrote it as advice for guest bloggers, but it surely is useful for those who need to write a lot everyday.

lifestyle24. Designer Swimwear For Women On Vacation – Expert Advice 2011 (on Susan Bodack is an expert on swim wear from and knows for sure what women need this season.

technology25. 7 Android Apps To Manage Your Health (on

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