Christmas is coming! This time of the year is the most magical and bright. May be it’s a bit early, but let’s start getting presents and warm honest words for people we love and care.

Below is the pre-Christmas roundup of guest posts published back in November. Please give them some holiday social love 🙂

technology1. How to Future Proof Your Website or Blog (via basic but still important aspects for site management that will serve you for ages by Oscar Wood of

family2. Poetry as a Healing Remedy (via have you ever tried expressing yourself with a poetry? Then you should. This touching article was brought to us by our wonderful moderator Min Min of

home3. 7 Cool Ideas That Will Add Some Life To Your Boring Bathroom (via Joel Smith of knows how to make your bathroom be a favorite place in the house.

technology4. Can I Trust Craigslist for Used Laptops? (via I’m not sure if I’d buy a used laptop, but Jet Russell of knows if it’s safe.

family5. Smile to Bag Your Mr or Mrs Right (via non-verbal communication and signs are so fun, interesting, and useful to know. Especially if you are trying to establish new relationships. More on smile by Rick of

travel6. Things You Need To Know When Emigrating (via Greg Jones of puts language and the rules on the fourth place in his list, I’d put it on the first. But that’s just me!

technology7. ForcePad: The Future Of TrackPad With Pressure Sensitivity (via that is something I’d definitely want to try! More by Donald of

technology8. How to Find Users on Twitter That Are Interested in Your Brand (over at an expert opinion of Eric from

green9. Eating Weeds: Zero Carbon Footprint, Top Nutrition (over at why weeds and what the benefits are by Leaf of

technology10. Six James Bond-style Surveillance Gadgets that Could Turn You Into 007 (via fun and true list by by Matthew Wood, from

technology11. Apps Every Boat Owner Should Have (via here at MyBlogGuest we really love articles like this by Sam Wright of – it’s a great combination of topics: boating + apps = win-win topic!

entertainment12. Geeky Hobbies That Made People Into Heroes (over at a set of fantastic stories by Chris Farnell of

business13. Dealing with Employee Motivation Issues (via motivation is often a key to common success, and a god employer has to know this for sure. More by Jor­dan Blanco of

travel14. The Weirdest Things to Ever be Almost Built in New York (via New York is an amazing city! So, no wonder Chris Farnell of found some weird things about it to share with us.

travel15. The Top 5 St Anton Ski Chalets (via beautiful places for ski-lovers described by by Nathan Griffiths of

business16. Top 5 Ways for Freshmen to Save Money [Infographic] (over at practical tips for students in a funny manner created by

business17. How to Improve Your Chances for Winning Scholarships: if you really want it then make a list of what to do to get a better chance to get it!

health18. A Book That Dragged Me Out Of Depression (over at do you have such a book? Well never late to find one even if you do not have a depression in your plans. Do it with

technology19. 5 Ways to Garner Natural Backlinks for your Blog (via blogging tips by Chris Turberville-Tully of Agree? Have your own tips and opinion? Please share them with us!

car20. Inside Steve Jobs Yacht (via that’s what we call a catching title. Would you miss this one or just pass it buy? Gary Thomas of doesn’t actually give pictures of the interior, but the description is still intriguing!

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