Last week we presented Articles Requests feature for publishers (because we obviously need more blog owners to kick-start that feature for everyone else).

The section is going to be the highest-quality resource of targeted guest posts on the planet: All content in it goes through the dedicated editor @Roadturn who makes sure that

  • (1) It has proper grammar and complies with our generic quality and linking policies and
  • (2) It complies with personal guidelines of each blogger.

The good thing we are already getting good feedback from publishers:

Feedback on Articles Requests

Today we are officially introducing this feature to guest authors!

Who has access to the Articles Requests feature:

  • FREE! ALL publishers (no matter if they are paid or free members) BUT all of them go through me personally (as we are making sure those blogs are real, niche, established, have social signals, etc)
  • FREE! ALL Elite authors (the good news here all those are also free accounts who applied and promised to provide high-quality content)
  • Current PRO and Advanced users if they pay $10 more (that’s the price for additional moderation)
  • All currently free members have to sign up for the full package of $50 per month (which will also include all current PRO benefits)

What can you expect inside:

  • You can apply to the unlimited number of opportunities there and (provided your guest post idea has been approved) send unlimited number of guest articles;
  • Expect all your articles to go through the moderation and don’t be offended if it gets reverted for revision: We are here to provide the community with the highest quality!

This video explains the process nicely:

Next week’s plans:

  • Thursday June, 27, we’ll see some examples from Articles Requests feature on our monthly PUSH #myblogguest chat edition
  • Friday June, 28, we’ll talk about the new high-quality features during #MyBlogGuest Google Plus hangout!

Next month we have even more exciting updates to come (along with these ones being improved):

  • We’ll teach our WordPress plugin to work with Article Requests
  • We’ll start working on our Direct feature making it higher-quality and more flexible
  • We’ll introduce better Google Authorship support and launch “verified” author accounts
  • We’ll start working with already established high-quality authors giving them more access to free features
  • We’ll finally (hopefully!) give you access to testing our new design!

Busy times ahead!

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