Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!One thing many people fail to forget: guest posting is by far one of the most powerful social networking and community building tools.

My Blog Guest is the perfect evidence to that: it’s been built through guest posting alone. Most of our users come through Word of Mouth and the very first was seeded using out guest posts.

Therefore hearing back from the blogger and getting your article published is only the beginning: to feel the real power of guest blogging you need to further build this relationship with each blog owner.

The most efficient and must-take step to building your community through guest blogging is getting involved after your guest post goes live.

After Your Guest Post Goes Live: TO-DO List

  • Comment on your guest post thanking owner for publishing it (this will obviously be appreciated by the blogger. Besides, this will start the conversation)
  • Share your guest post on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, etc. !Tip: When doing that, tag the blog owner in the update for him /her to receive the update and to keep him / her happy!.

Tag the blog owner in the update

  • Follow the blog owner on all social networks you use.
  • Add the blog owner to “My guest posts” Twitter list to keep all your contacts better organized and to also retweet them regularly.
  • Use contact managers (like BuzzStream and MyBlogGuest tracker) to identify the most active and powerful of them.
  • Reply to each and every comment to your guest post.
  • Link to your guest post from your other article. This will also turn your guest posts into more powerful link resources (Promote your promoters via second-tier link building). That’s what I have been doing and that has also been noticed and appreciated:

Link to your guest posts

After Your Guest Post Goes Live: Toolset

  • Use these spreadsheets to aggregate discussions around your guest posts and also track the buzz
  • Use Tweetdeck or similar social media dashboard to closely monitor your guest posting contacts (via the list) and talk to them regularly.
  • Use MyBlogGuest tracker to monitor your guest posts and identify your most efficient contacts

MyBlogGuest tracker

Next time you need to help your news or product get some traction, you’ll have the army of “close” contacts who will always be happy to help. It’s all earned through working on building the contacts on a day-to-day basis. It’s the power of buzz marketing!

What are your thoughts? How do you make sure your guest blogging contacts are there to stay?

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Ann Smarty is the founder of MyBlogGuest. Feel free to contact her if you have any questions about the platform.

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