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1. The Most Protein-Maximizing Vegetables (via I got hungry while reading this article 🙂 Though it’s title from the very start seemed a bit weird to me, I found this info more than helpful and not just for veggies. Thanks to Soleil Ho from for great tips.

business2. The 10 Worst Office Faux Pas (via
Laura Beecroft of
gathered an impressive collection of those. I wish I had that list e-mailed to my previous office co-workers.

technology3. Social Media Has Become Vital to Internet Marketing (via I bet you prove Rob from to be right. We are all in, and know with you how much it’s true.

technology4. Battle Of The Mobile OS – Android Vs IOS (via I started to enjoy the article the moment I opened the page, since the green Droid just can’t NOT to make you smile 🙂 And though I’m an utter Mac geek, I would rather agree with Darren Wall of that no winner there.

technology5. 5 Ways to Promote a Newly Created Website (via Very useful and simple info for newbies by George of But I would advise you checked it in any case, may it happen that you are missing something?

technology6. 5 Fundamental Link Building Mistakes In 2013 (via Don’t let yourself suffer from any of those. Read these tips by Sebastian Cowie from and be ahead of the game.

car7. A Timeline Of The Humble Automobile (via Mayhew of compiled an amazing history timeline. Doesn’t matter if you are a car fan or not, you will enjoy reading it for sure.

food8. Trendiest Desserts Of 2013 (Guest) (via After proteins we deserve a dessert now 😀 Betty Ann Sherman of knows which is the perfect one!

technology9. Why I Use WordPress for All My Sites and Why You Should Too (via I definetly agree with Mark Stubbles from that nowdays WordPress is still the easiest and most user-friendly. But in any case the choice is up to you.

entertainment10. The Seven Ages Of A Rock Star (via Have you ever thought that they do change at all?! Well, they do! And Rob James from knows even in what way.

home11. 6 Little Jobs That Will Make Your Garden Look Great In No Time (via These few tips by Danny Menzies of won’t take you much time, but I’m sure you will be amazed with the result. Give it a try!

travel12. The Top 5 Tech Capitals Of The Future (via Would you like to live in any of those? I actually wonder which one James, who brought this list to us, would pick up.

home13. 25 of the Coolest and Most Practical Kitchen Accessories (via Loooong list, but so enjoyable! 🙂 Egg-separator – that’s something I wouldn’t refuse from, or Facebook Like Oven Glove.. and many more others are waiting for you! Thanks to Matthew Wood of, who put them all together.

health14. Hospital Safety: How Medical Centers Are Working To Cut Hospital Infections (via
): Compicated topic, but really vital and essential. Adam Nix of knows more.

entertainment15. Graffiti Gets a Technology Twist with the Graffiti Wall (via Fun article with 3 great creative videos included, by Nathan of

technology16. Apple Fixes a Password Security Issue (via Yeah, in case you are an Apple fan, as well as me, you may give a sigh of relief. Teyona Dame can explain why.

technology17. 10 Ways To Manage Your Finances Effectively (via It doesn’t really matter how little or how much money you have, spending it wisely would be a great idea anyway. Kristen Francis Willis from has 10 great tips for that case.

technology18. Web Accessibility and SEO Best Practices ( Sadhiv Mahandru from claims them to be the core of the web building. Wanna know why?

health19. Three Of The Most Effective Fat Burners! (via Some people claim them to be effective and wouldn’t even hesitate when taking, others avoid them like a plague.. Anyway, please don’t forget to see your doctor before making a decision. I think Mike Shiney of would be on the same page with me.

technology20. Best Smartphone Apps for Survival (via You never know when you might need them. So, Jason Kane from listed the most essential ones worth to be downloaded.

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