DSC_3494Guest blogging is incredibly inspiring for us! We keep creating new features and options for authors and bloggers of our community. We’ll talk more about these features in June Twitter chats starting from this week. But today please share these guest posts published via the forum back in May.


1. How To Emulate Positive Female Role Models From TV (via health-talks.com): Though I’m not a fan of TV, reading this piece was a great pleasure for me. Laura Watson from bluebanana.com proves in her post that using stereotypes is far not always for worse, but can be for better as well.

business2. The 5-Minute MBA – How Business Works (via careerflux.com): Easy and interesting tips by Evan Thomas of incorporator.com.au definitely worth 5 minutes of your time in case you are in business.

health3. Chicken Nuggets And The Global Battle Over Salt (via remedytip.com): When in grocery do you usually read what’s stated on the labels? What would you choose: taste or health? Lane Goodberry of melaleucajournal.com asks you to be careful.

travel4. 10 Airports Every Pilot Should Fly to at Least Once (via listingthings.co.uk): I love airports, though I’m far not a pilot, as you may guess 🙂 I just wonder why Frankfurt am Main is not in the list. But James Douglas of blog.pilotmall.com knows better.

home5. How to Make Your New House Your New Home (via interiorway.com): Some really essential tips by Sam Wright from hgspaintinganddecorating.co.uk if you are a brand new lucky house owner.

technology6. Anti-Bullying Laws And The Developing “Poor Me” Mentality (via thelawinfo.com): Difficult and problematic subject brought to life by Damien S. Wilhelmi of philclarklaw.com.

green7. 4 Ways To Create A Kitchen Garden Using Upcycled Materials (via diygadgets.blogspot.com): Absolutely amazing ideas by Chris Turberville-Tully from fabulous-store.co.uk! Check it and you will love them just as I did.

technology8. 5 Must Have Attributes To Land A Junior SEO Job (via andy-morley.co.uk): Searching for a junior SEO but hardly imagine what to ask at the interview as no experience? Just keep in mind these tips by Stacey Cavanagh of listingthings.co.uk and ease your life!

technology9. Simple Hacks That Help You Write Blog Posts Faster (via marketingchris.com): First thing I thought about after reading the title was: ‘Real deal!’. Saving your time without sacrificing the quality of your posts is more than possible thanks to Logan Strain from blog.instantcheckmate.com.

family10. Divorce – What Are My Rights? (via thecompletelawyer.com): James Sheehan of instantlawline.co.uk claims it to be easier than you might have thought. So, if you happen to be in such a situation, follow these simple steps and the process will hopefully be less stressful.

technology11. Five Tools to Organize Your Research (via wittyonlineeditor.com): These are not just tools, but great helpers Michelle of manifestconnection.com offers you to try!

car12. 5 Ways To Be A Safer Motorcyclist (via aamcocolorado.com): Driving a motorcycle means not just feeling freedom, enjoying breeze into your face and manoeuvring in-between cars while in jams, it’s far more dangerous than may seem. Jan Hill from danielrrosen.com suggests these 5 simple measures which may help you increasing the level of safety.

sport13. Top 10 Sexiest Tennis WAGS (via toptenfamous.com): I often remind of the phrase that a classic phrase which states that behind every great man, there’s an even greater woman, you may not believe, but the last time was today exactly before I came across this article by Michael Porter of tennisdrillshq.com. And you will find not just the list, but videos as well. Enjoy!

technology14. Why Blogging Is Still Alive And Kicking! (via aliensmoney.com): ‘What?!’ – this time I not just thought it but said that loud. Read this post by Carl Ashton from empowernetwork.com and smile will also come to your face at the end, I hope 🙂 Happy blogging, guys and gals!

business15. Why Videos Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Campaign (via 113tidbits.com): I share the opinion by Kelli Cooper from dvdcopycat.com and vote for videos with my both hands.

family16. How To Say ‘No’ Like A Gentleman (via dangerouslee.biz): Hmm, do they say ‘No’ at all? 🙂 Or do they say it in a way that it just doesn’t sound as ‘No’? Karsten from domainraccoon.com sheds some light upon the issue.

home17. 5 Ways To Automate Your Home Appliances Using Your iPhone (via technews24h.com): Kirt Harrison of harrisonappliance.com proves that your smartphone can really be smart. And meanwhile, you may grab your iPhone and order a pizza, while reading this article

technology18. Dofollow Your Heart – The Five Sexiest Men Of SEO (via cyber-key.com): Wow! I was pretty sure that the list was compiled by a girl . My deep gratitude to Ricardo Casas of fahrenheitmarketing.com on behalf of SEO ladies.

technology19. Is It Cost Effective to Replace an iPhone Screen (via droidologist.com): Decision is up to you anyway, Louis Rossmann from rossmanngroup.com just shows you some options available.

technology20. iPhone Photography Reaches New Heights (via blog.pre-pay-as-you-go.co.uk): I’m absolutely in love with the camera of my last (can’t say ‘new’ as we are expecting the newest and latest one) iPhone. Never enjoyed taking pics with a phone, but now I’m really addicted. Milos B. from i-adapters.com explains how you can get even more from your iSight camera.

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