To continue a good tradition of encouraging our authors and bloggers and to follow up our yesterday’s PUSH Twitter chat below is the list of guest articles published in the middle of the summer

The summer is over. This is a bit sad. Hope you guys all had great vacations. We’ll need all your power and support because it’s what makes us feel stronger to give you the best services here at MyBlogGuest.

technology1. Kick Starting My Website to Help Improve Traffic (via a personal story of one site by Stuart Edge of

food2. How to Make the Most out of your Business Trip (via great post by Sarah McPherson of; amazing images, well-structured, and very informative.

technology3. The War Between Facebook and Google+ (over at an overview of these two social media giants by Donald of why not to use them both instead of choosing one?

health4. The Ultimate Butt and Thigh Blasting Workout (over at a list of really practical tips from instructor.

travel5. The Top 10 City Parks in Canada (via colorful images given for every park listed by – really makes readers to want to go there!

creativity6. How To Design A Nursery On A Budget (via this is the type of articles we love having in the Gallery, by Jamie of

green7. Electric Cars – Can They Help You to Make an Eco-Friendly Statement? (over at useful article by Endre Rex-Kiss green energy enthusiast of for those who are considering moving to green vehicles.

technology8. 5 Surprises About Travel Blogging From A Fledgling Travel Blogger (over at I try to never miss good articles about blogging in our roundups. This is the one I enjoyed, and hope you do too. Written by Dave and Vicky of

technology9. WordPress Tips for Creating the Perfect Bio Page (via a lot of our members use WP for their blogs, so I thought this article by Juliana of would be useful for our readers.

travel10. Places to Visit in Sydney (via oh, I love travel articles with great pictures like this one written by Tobias Carlson of

sport11. 7 Great Causes You and Your Bicycle Can Get Behind (over Hillary Rose of offers a number of options for charity if you have a bike and want to do a good thing for sick people.

creativity12. 3 Awesome Alternative Wallets (over at I personally haven’t seen anything like this before, but James Duval of found them; please enjoy!

family13. Sleeping Bags for Children (via useful tips for parents who plan to go camping with their kids

green14. Fukushima 18 Months Later (via a look back at the tragedy that we’ll hardly ever forget by Sam of

technology15. Google Places Merges with Google + giving Local SEO a New Dimension (via by Angela Jones of about new inside merges in Google.

business16. Studying in Comfort: The Importance of a Relaxing Environment for Students (via practical tips for students for the coming year of studying by

food17. 13 Foods to Prevent Cancer (via I’m not sure if that list is scientifically proved, but it’s definitely good for our health; tips by Cedric of

technology18. Eight Essential Tips For Promoting Your Blog With Social Media (over at basic but still important tips gathered in one place by Robin Cole of

entertainment19. Touching Points of the Blues Since the 50s (via the “Story of the Blues” and more interesting music facts by Robert of

home20. Bringing in More Natural Light with Skylights (via home remodeling could hard and enjoyable at the same time; more from Mark Ben of

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