Join MyBlogGuest Twitter chat!We had some fun time today with SEOGadget team discussing the content ideas during #myblogguest Twitter chat. We invited the team because they are among the best of our guest authors!

The chat is at 11 AM EDT (3 PM GMT) each Thursday.


To follow the chat and participate in it, start tracking and using #myblogguest hashtag.

Here are a few awesome people from the team:

Hannah Rampton (@hannahrampton), Jon Quinton (@JonQuinton1), Oliver Archibald (@OliArchibald), Oliver Mason (@ohgm), Ally Biring (@allyandwilbur), Liam Fisher (@liamhgfisher) , and Daniel Butler (@dbseo).

Here’s the summary – (and here’s the full transcript!)

Step 1: Brainstorming

  • Try to think of something that will help someone and will be ultra engaging. Something YOU would want to read.
  • Find out what content is hot (most shared posts), what questions are being asked right now – handy tool (Google Spreadsheet)
  • I look for intriguing news stories and use it for the basis of a list. Example: This one inspired Essential Home Gadgets for the Coming Zombie Apocalypse (humor)
  • BuzzFeed gives you a good idea of what type of content will work or fail, as well as what topics are trending
  • Search Google: Use * (wildcard) especially for exact-match searches e.g. “Twitter * tips” #myblogguest #Google
  • Search Google again: Use ~ operator to trigger more synonyms (e.g. ~cars)
  • Use UberSuggest (Google-Suggest based)
  • Browse and search Quora
  • Use Spezify (a visual search tool that combines a lot of websites)
  • Search Google Trends
  • Keep a calendar of strange/notable events bookmarked – public anniversaries, quirky celebrations etc
  • Combine your old ideas with new trends and tools
  • Create an ideas wall by scraping blog titles; here’s an example (but only use for ideas).
  • Brainstorm everywhere and always (try using a recorder or a waterproof notepad when in shower)
  • Learn to make lists!
  • Discuss: If you have been working on a certain genre for some time have a swap with another content writer for a fresh outlook!

Keep it hot! => Don’t write about apples, write about apples for zombies!


Step 2: Organizing Ideas

Beware of collecting tools and neglecting to do the work: the simpler, the better! Example: Use a whiteboard or a simple txt file to toss ideas there.


Step 3: Idea Re-Focusing

  • Take the initial brainstorm further, and break down the walls to build contextually relevant themes;
  • Figure out which keywords relate to your niche and build upon them to create contextual relevance. Example: Insurance = danger, risk, etc


Step 4: Making the Most of the Articles Gallery

  • Change an article to another relevant category – especially for ‘dual-node’ ideas where more than one applies;
  • Use every field to help promote your article, the notes field is often overlooked and a great way to stand out from the crowd;
  • Don’t just rely on users finding your article – Hunt them down, use the ‘suggest’ feature, use forums to build relationships, etc!

Articles Gallery

Good luck!

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2 Responses to “#MyBlogGuest Chat with @SEOGadget Team: Brainstorming and Re-Focusing!”

  1. BH

    Nice article.

    Have you used KeywordDonkey. It work like suggestion, but is just a lot less time consuming, because you can find suggestion to keyword lists.

  2. Louis Rix

    Thanks Ann & SEO Gadget team, there are some cracking tips in this article. My ideas wall has just been set-up and as i run an automotive website the above “mind map” will certainly come in handy. I know the guys at SEO Gadget are top notch when it comes to guest blogging so i appreciate their openness in sharing a few ideas.


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