Do you know we are hanging our on Google Hangout monthly (each last Friday of the month)? We are currently discussing the best time of the day to suit everyone. *Please join the poll here*

Joining us on Google + Hangout is by far the BEST way to hear back from our team and ask your questions.

Last week’s hangout was not the easiest one for us: we couldn’t set up everything working correctly and ended up listening to our Editor-in-Chief, Phil Turner instead of watching him. But in any case it turned out to be awesome! Lots of great things shared!

Because it was about one hour long (here’s the full video), I spend my whole weekend reorganizing and picking the most useful questions and answers. I managed to cut it down to ~13 minutes. I recommend watching it very carefully:

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9 Responses to “MyBlogGuest First Google+ Hangout: Take-Aways”

  1. Playfio Music

    Some really interesting points to take away from this, your new hangout’s are a good idea..shame about the delay on the videos but I guess that can’t be helped with UK-US internet delay.

    I’ve used MyBlog on and off for a while now and is a really useful resource


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